Half of dogs now get cancer, it used to be just 1 percent (probably low Vitamin D)

More cancer and other health problems if dogs have <100ng/ml of Vitamin D

Comments by Henry Lahore, founder of VitaminDWiki

  1. There are 160 categories in VitaminDWiki
    Veterinary was the first category made - it now has 145 items
    Vets for farm animals were about 20 years ahead of human doctors to realize the importance of Vitamin D
    Vets for farm animals are paid to keep the animals healthy - so they are proactive
    Vets for companion animals are paid to treat sick animals, just as doctors are only paid to treat sick humans
  2. Dogs need > 100 ng to be healthy
  3. I suggest that you provide your dog with Vitamin D - by one of the following
    Supplement - daily or weekly
    Allow dog access to noon-day sun ("free range") on case it is correct that a dog can get vitramin D from its fur
    Allow dog access to UV indoor light (available in many pet stores)
  4. Blood spot tests which can be mailed in are available for human blood. (approx $55)
    The test might work for canine blood as well
  5. My guess is that $20 of vitamin D for the entire life of the dog will reduce the risk of getting Cancer by at least 3X
    $20 for Vitamin D vs $1,000 Cancer average (assuming $3,000 for Cancer and 1/3 Cancer rate)
  6. Recommended Vitamin D levels for humans keep on rising
    US Govt recommend 20 ng,
    Consensus of researchers in 2010 said 30 ng-100 ng
    Debate about 50 ng: Is 50 ng of vitamin D too high, just right, or not enough
    I follow the lead of many successful vitamin D interventions and have 100 ng
    A very successful Vitamin D intervention for Multiple Sclerosis targets 150 ng

See web

Decreased Vitamin D is just one of many possible reasons for 50X increase in Canine Cancer

  • Dog leash laws established in many US cities about 50 years ago
  • Dogs rarely get outdoors in the middle of the day (when Vitamin D can be generated by the sun)
  • Increased use of lawn herbicides
  • Introduction of GMO/Roundup in both canine and human food
    • Roundup has been associated with many human diseases
  • Decreased Vitamin D in dog food
    • fewer table scraps
    • less D in the scraps
    • decreased feeding of organ meats to dogs (which had a lot of Vitamin D)
  • High carbohydrate diet gives dogs cancer 2017

Do “free range” dogs have a similar big increase in Cancer?

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