Germany increases vitamin D to 800 IU - Jan 2012

The German Nutrition Society published new estimated requirements for daily vitamin D intake
For all age groups beyond infancy, a daily intake of 20 µg is recommended in case of absent UV-B-exposure.
With respect to the prevention of vitamin D deficiency (25[OH]D < 30 nmol/l) this is a clear progress compared to the former recommendation of 5 µg per day.

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Research results in recent years provided evidence for a role of vitamin D for the prevention of several chronic diseases. A working group of the German Society for Nutrition Association (DGE) has evaluated the scientific data on this. Current evidence clearly confirms that a good vitamin D intake may reduce the risk in older people for falls, fractures, loss of strength, mobility and balance loss, and premature death. Hypotheses such as a reduction in risk for cancer or diabetes mellitus with vitamin D could not be proved.

In Germany, there are approximately 60% of the population according to international criteria, insufficient vitamin D supply.
For them, the marker is for the supply in the blood, the concentration of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25 (OH) D), below the desired value of 50 nmol / l.
To achieve this concentration in the blood indicates the DGE as a new reference value for vitamin D intake, assuming a lack of endogenous formation of 20 micrograms vitamin D per day.

About the diet with the usual food take young people and adults 2-4 micrograms vitamin D per day.
The difference between the intake of food and the appraised value in the absence of endogenous formation must be covered by the vitamin D formation in skin and / or through the ingestion of a vitamin D preparation. For frequent outdoor exercise, especially during physical activity outdoors and uncovered skin with sufficient parts, the desired vitamin D supply without taking a vitamin D supplements can be achieved.
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200 IU ==> 800 IU beyond infancy

A good step in the right direction - a long ways to go, especially for those with dark skins

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