Food Sources and Vitamin D

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Compared to 100 years ago: far less vit. D in bacon, lard, pies, chicken, turkey, eggs . .
3X less vitamin D absorbed from Non-Fat milk than full fat
3X less vitamin D in farmed salmon than wild salmon
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Learn how Vitamin D is essential for good health
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If you have a disease associated with low Vit D take Vit D
Raising your Vit D levels will substantially prevent other low-Vit D health problems
Proof that Vitamin D Works   Getting Vitamin D into your body

Is 50ng enough?   How to restore levels quickly  VitaminDWiki interview and transcript - Jan 2022
Books and Videos 234   Diseases that may be related via low vitamin D
Reasons for low response to vitamin D   Why are doctors reluctant
Cancer studies include:   Breast 245   Colon 136   Lung 53   Prostate 97   Pancreatic 54   Skin 117
Colds and flu   Dark Skin 457   Diabetes 523   Obesity 402   Pregnancy 853   Seniors 393
COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos

See also Vitamin D home fortification- don't wait 100 years for your govt
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Food sources for Vitamin D
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Food sources for Vitamin D
How, when to take Vit. D
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