Chemo only as needed for Prostate Cancer is working well - March 2019


Do not try to kill Prostate Cancer, but just keep it contained - dose only when needed

Constant dosing and the cancer evolves how to avoid the chemotherapy (carpet bombing)
war analogy - constant bombing and the enemy evolves a defense - bumkers
with infrequent dosing it does not have evolutionary pressure to learn from
classic example of the math that plotted how growing populations of snowshoe hares fuel the rise of the lynx that feed on them

They describe how tumor cells compete with healthy cells for energy resources such as the glucose that fuels them.

"Tumor cells vie against each other for resources. They turned to game theory to plot this dynamic and plugged the numbers into the Lotka-‑Volterra equations."

Prostate Cancer pilot test - 1/2 the drug dosing as needed lived 27 months instead of 16 months for constant dosing
they probably just considered the late stage/intense prostate cancer

Very simple bang-bang control equation( like a simple air conditioner control)
Start Dose when PSA>X, Stop does when PSA <X/2
FDA cannot obeject - since FDA does not police the dosing schedule, only the dosing amount
Wonder if the dose were changed continously instead of bang-bang
might have better response with lower energy (drug) cost

"at least 128 different DNA mutations in various kidney tumor samples from one patient, for instance. There's some evidence that the more mutations there are, the more aggressive a cancer tends to be, suggesting a higher chance that one of these DNA changes will confer tumor cells with the potential to be drug-resistant. Given technological advances, it’s not too far-fetched to think that within the coming decade, doctors will routinely measure the amount of mutations in their patients’ tumors"

"During treatment breaks, the thinking goes, the fuel-hungry resistant cells are outcompeted by drug-‑sensitive cells, which need fewer resources to thrive."

Cancer category starts with the following

Cancers get less Vitamin D when there is a poor Vitamin D Receptor

Chemotherapy might be amplified by vitamin D has the following chart

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