COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos

Vitamin D is being used to fight COVID-19

Intervention Clinical Trials
Intervention Trial Summary June 29

Observational Clinical Trials

Vitamin D Dosing Recommendations for COVID-19

  • Portion of image from June 5 video (below)
    • Image
  • Commentary: Myths and facts on vitamin D amidst the COVID-19 pandemic Metabolism, June 2, FREE PDF, peer-reviewed publication
    • "Preventive doses of vitamin D3 of 10,000 IU/day for 4 weeks followed by 5000 IU/day to reach a target 25(OH)D level of 100–150 nmol/L [24], and treatment doses >6000 IU/day in deficient individuals to reach a similar level and reduce disease progression [48], are suggested. ""
    • Comment: Strange that the treatment dose is less than the prevention dose. Note treatment dose will take > 3 months to help
      • Perhaps they meant the treatment dose to be 60,000 IU, not 6,000 IU
  • Perspective: improving vitamin D status in the management of COVID-19 May 22 free PDF
    • If low: 50,000 IU twice a week at the diagnosis (100,000 IU total)., then 50,000 IU taken once a week for the 2nd and 3rd weeks.
      • Note: VitaminDWiki believes that this dosing is not large enough for prevention, much less treatment
  • COVID-19 might be prevented in 2 months by 50,000 IU weekly – May 12, 2020
  • for people who have not been taking any vitamin D BusinessWorld May 22 - by Dr Renu Mahtani in videos below
    • Vitamin D 60k IU twice a week for two weeks to be followed by 60k once a week for the next six weeks.
    • or Vitamin D 60k IU daily for three days to be followed by 60k weekly for the total period of two months.
    • Thus 480,000 IU total, No Vitamin D testing needed

Some people wanted improved immune systems, so took more vitamin D

COVID-19 associated with Low Vitamin D

Vitamin D levels are lower in those who test positive for COVID-19 - Nutrients May 09



Higher levels of vitamin D result in fewer COVID-19 problems


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