COVID spread appears to not be stopped by vaccination, yet US wants to get all vaccinated by Jan – Nov 4, 2021

COVID-19 cases vs. vaccination (counties and countries) - Sept 2021

68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States

White House vaccine rule would require companies and workers to comply by Jan. 4 Washington Post Nov 4, 2021

  • "Companies with more than 100 employees will now be mandated to require coronavirus vaccinations for their workers or do regular testing by Jan. 4 under the terms of a new federal rule that will be released Friday by the Biden administration after weeks of deliberation, senior government officials said."
  • "All told, the federal government’s various vaccine requirements will apply to more than two-thirds of the workforce, officials said."
  • "Republican attorneys general in at least 24 states have vowed to fight the rule in court, and one, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R), has already filed a lawsuit against the federal government over it"

VitaminDWiki - Bill Gates admits COVID-19 vaccines don't stop viral transmission - Nov 5, 2021

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