COVID vaccination problems 1000 X worse than Thalidomide - Dec 2023

~ 10 million deaths   vs   ~ 10 thousand birth defects

Substack Dec 2023

  • "It appeared to be a heartfelt apology….well delivered….but presented by a politician so ignorant and ill-informed that he cannot see a pharmaceutical catastrophe a thousand times greater unfolding before his very eyes right now."
  • "It has taken 60 years for an apology to be given to the people harmed by thalidomide. How long will it take before an apology is given to the people harmed by the COVID-19 “vaccines”?

Thalidomide – the Covid vaccine’s unmentionable counterpart - Oct 2023


Thalidomide caused (only) 10,000 birth defects

46 countries had approved its use in pregnancy - Nov 2023

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