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UV Radiation Protects Against Coronavirus - Mercola March 2023


  • Research suggests ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure lowers COVID-19 mortality rates even when the exposure is insufficient to produce vitamin D
  • UVA measures and COVID-19 death statistics were obtained for 2,474 U.S. counties, 6,755 Italian municipalities and 6,274 areas in England between the months of January and April 2020, which is when vitamin D production due to low sun exposure tend to be minimal
  • Researchers hypothesize UV irradiation may have a direct effect on the viability of SARS-CoV-2 virus in airborne droplets, as well as the virus’ ability to stay viable on various surfaces, thus reducing overall infection rates
  • UVA radiation also triggers release of nitric oxide, which lowers blood pressure. Nitric oxide also mitigates endothelial damage, improves immune function, thins your blood and decreases platelet aggregation (thus reducing clotting risk), and inhibits replication of the SARS virus
  • Since high blood pressure and cardiometabolic disease increase COVID-19 mortality risk, nitric oxide can help explain how UV exposure lowers COVID-19 mortality even in the absence of vitamin D production

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