Ageing faster and more knee pain are associated with low vitamin D – March 2022

Accelerated Epigenetic Aging Mediates the Association between Vitamin D Levels and Knee Pain in Community-Dwelling Individuals

The journal of nutrition, health & aging (2022)
L. J. Strath, L. Meng, A. Rani, P. Sinha, A. J. Johnson, Z. Huo, T. C. Foster, J. D. Edburg, R. B. Fillingim & Yenisel Cruz-Almeida

To examine the relationship between Vitamin D status and pain intensity and disability in individuals with and without knee pain, and to examine the role of epigenetics in this relationship.

Cross-sectional analysis of data from the UPLOAD-2 study (Understanding Pain and Limitations in OsteoArthritic Disease-2).

189 individuals aged 45–65 years and older.

Serum Vitamin D levels, pain related interference and characteristic pain intensity measures, and the epigenetic clock GrimAge derived from blood analyses.

Lower Vitamin D was associated with advanced epigenetic aging (AgeAccelGrim), greater pain and disability and that (AgeAccelGrim) mediated the relationship between Vitamin D status and self-reported pain (ab = -0.0799; CI [-0.1492, -0.0237]) and disability (ab = -0.0669; CI [-0.1365, -0.0149]) outcomes.

These data support the notion that lifestyle factors such as nutrition status play a key role in aging process, as well as the development and maintenance of age-related diseases such as pain. Modifying nutrition status could help promote healthy aging and reduce pain.
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