A New Zealand bill would require prescriptions for Vitamins A, C, D, E, Omega-3, Zinc, Magnesium, etc. – Jan 2023

New Zealand Sweeping Health Law Changes—Common Vitamins Regulated Like Medicines

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  • "Vitamin C, aloe vera (even in your garden), cinnamon, fish oil, n-acetyl cysteine, Vitamin B12, magnesium, kawa-kawa, zinc, selenium, astragalus, niacin, calcium, bilberry, Vitamin A, iodine, crampbark, thiamine, iron, lavender, riboflavin, thyme, oats, valerian, chromium, ginger, coenzyme Q10, glutamine, chaste tree, echinacea, pantothenic acid, St John's wort, slippery elm, turmeric, soy, probiotics, folate, licorice, garlic, flaxseed oil, cocoa, cranberry, pyridoxine, cloves, celery, carnitine, evening primrose oil, Vitamin D, New Zealand green lip mussel, psyllium, Vitamin E, tea, quercetin, rosemary…."

The proposed NZ law

 Here is the 288 page-long bill

Comments are being accepted thru Feb 15, 2023

This travesty has been attempted by several other countries in the past decade, but all have failed (so far)

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(1) Each of the following is an NHP ingredient:
a plant, plant material, an alga, a fungus, or non-human animal material:
a substance or mixture of substances that—
is obtained by expressions, extraction, distillation, purification, or a traditional preparation of anything referred to in paragraph (a); and
is not subject to any other process involving chemical transformation other than hydrolysis or electrolysis:
a vitamin or provitamin, including salts and other compounds, of the following types:
vitamin A, Bl, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, or K:
a mineral or mineral compound:
an amino acid:
a microorganism, whole or extracted:
a synthetic equivalent of a substance referred to in paragraph (b) to (e):
anything else that the rules say is an NHP ingredient.

Comment by Rob - Jan 27, 2023

The proposal to regulate safe natural health products alongside pharmaceutical drugs or ‘biologics’ is entirely unjustified. 

Please see further commentary - Dr Guy Hatchard’s article “The New Zealand Government Reaches for Total Medical Control” here:


“This Bill represents an attempt to impose a modern medical/pharmaceutical straight jacket on the process of medical choice. A straight jacket that will no doubt be administered by people who are unfamiliar with and even opposed to natural medicine. The apparent intention is to drive people towards pharmaceutical-based medicine”.

“A recent EU study found that natural health products are 45,000 times safer than pharmaceutical drugs. The government, however, apparently believes they are unsafe, but where is the evidence? It doesn’t exist”.


And further commentary here:

Therapeutic Products Bill: Labyrinthine & unaccountable as it exits the starting gate?


“Based on policy and governance over the last two years, there is clear evidence that the New Zealand government downgrades and dismisses dietary nutrition in public health. This is despite extensive scientific evidence base demonstrating how health can be protected - multifactorially (i.e. via multiple pathways which are often not only recognised, but required by the human body)”. 

“I’ve documented just how far the government will go to push a biologic, a gene therapy with a largely unknown toxicity profile through regulatory channels; and just how extensively they will avoid reviewing the scientific literature (i.e. accountability) to identify risk pathways. The last 3 years have also shown us the extent to which cheap off-patent, repurposed drugs will be sidelined, and the extent to which nutrition will be ignored. We’ve also seen how norms and values - basic public health ethics, have been swept aside and dispensed with.

This Bill informs us that Cabinet believes that technologies such as the mRNA gene ‘therapy’ used in the pandemic, which contained the directions for the body to code (in an uncontrolled manner) for a cardiotoxic, inflammatory spike protein, should be regulated under the same legislation as vitamin C – ascorbic acid or magnesium”.  

There is concern in New Zealand over the implications of this Bill (should it be passed) on the future health and wellbeing of the nation. 

Regards,  Rob 


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