450,000 COVID-19 deaths in Europe in next 3 months – WHO Nov 4, 2021

Europe the global epicentre of the Covid epidemic once again, says WHO Telegraph

  • "… infections rising by more than 55 per cent in the last four weeks. “
  • “Countries including Germany, Croatia, Russia and Slovenia have all reported record numbers of new cases, while hospitals in Romania and Belarus are on the brink of collapse amid a surge in new coronavirus admissions. “

Europe COVID-19 surge: These maps and trackers show rising cases, hardest-hit countries Fast Company Nov 2, 2021

Financial Times

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

COVID winter is coming again in Northern US, Canada, Europe, Russia - Nov 2021

COVID surge in Europe: A preview of what’s ahead for the U.S - Nov 22, 2021

COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos

Perhaps 3X more likely to catch COVID-19 in a group (church) in Nov 2021 than Nov 2020__

COVID-19 cases vs. vaccination (counties and countries) - Sept 2021


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