2X more male teens died than normal in England this summer (perhaps vaccination) - Oct 2021

Recent deaths in young people in England and Wales

Health Advisory and Recovery Team

Comparing 2021 to 2020   (May thru Sept)  1.85X


Comparing 2021 to 4 year average   (May thru Sept) 2.18X


Note: Many teen vaccinations in the middle of that period


Non-COVID Deaths <21 days and >21 days after first jab (all ages)


Note: A slight DECREASE in all-cause teen female deaths during that period


Increased deaths soon after vaccination from Myocarditis in males
     have been suspected for a while
The VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) had reported it
     But, as a self-reporting system there were too many opportunities to over-report
This study, based on deaths (for any cause), provide an independent view
Note: Males are 3X more likely than females to have a successful suicide

COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos

As of Aug 22, 2023, the VitaminDWiki COVID page had:  19 trial results,   37 meta-analyses and reviews,   Mortality studies   see related:   Governments,   HealthProblems,   Hospitals,  Dark Skins,   All 26 COVID risk factors are associated with low Vit D,   Fight COVID-19 with 50K Vit D weekly   Vaccines   Take lots of Vitamin D at first signs of COVID   166 COVID Clinical Trials using Vitamin D (Aug 2023)   Prevent a COVID death: 9 dollars of Vitamin D or 900,000 dollars of vaccine - Aug 2023
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Fewer side effects and more effective if take Vitamin D before and after any vaccination

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