21st Workshop on Vitamin D - Spain May 2018


Previous Vitamin D Workshops

1st Frankfurt, West Germany (1973)
2nd Wiesbaden, West Germany (1974)
3rd Asilomar, CA, USA (1977)
4th Berlin, West Germany (1979)
5th Williamsburg, VA, USA (1982)
6th Merano, Italy (1985)
7th Rancho Mirage, CA, USA (1988)
8th Paris, France (1991)
9th Orlando, FL, USA (1994)
10th Strasbourg, France (1997)
11th Nashville, TN, USA (2000)
12th Maastricht, Netherlands (2003)
13th Victoria, BC, Canada (2006)
14th Brugge, Belgium (2009)
15th Houston, TX, USA (2012)
16th San Francisco, CA, USA (2013)*
17th Chicago, IL, USA (2014)*
18th Delft, Netherlands (2015)
19th Boston, MA, USA (2016)
20th Orlando, FL, USA (2017)*

* VitaminDWiki attended

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