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Global analysis of disability - most are associated with vitamin D deficiency - Lancet Dec 2012

A huge analysis of Disability around the world was made for the periods of 1990 and 2010
There was a huge increase in the number of years of disability from most health problems

The report was published in Lancet in Dec 2012 7 large articles behind paywall

  Download the 2014 PDF from VitaminDWiki.

On-line Arrow Diagrams has the full database

Causes of Disability: age 70-74

The list is in order of the most disability to the least (e.g. back pain is the largest cause)

The top 13 causes of disability age 70-74 are virtually the same around the world

10 of the top 13 causes are strongly associated with Vitamin D

The table above was derived from the following


Additional charts of burden of disease on VitaminDWiki - Dec 2012

Having the additional charts on a different page reduces download time and complexity of this page

Life and health expectancy in the US

That is, will live 4 years longer, but last 10 years will not be healthy

Causes of disability at age 60 around the world



The top 13 causes of disability in seniors are virtually the same around the world

10 of the top 13 causes are strongly associated with Vitamin D

% of years of disability (DALY) for various health problems vs age - for females

Years lost due to disability (DALY) @ is.gd/disability_VitD

PDF is attached at the bottom of this page

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The left column of this page has information on about specific diseases and Vitamin D

 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki

short url = http://is.gd/disability_VitD

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