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Vitamin D Videos at VitaminD Society

115 vitamin D videos as of April 2012

UCSD School of Medicine and Grassroots Health
   (Vitamin D and Prevention of Chronic Diseases by Dr. Holick is a good introduction)
GrassrootsHealth.net and Carole Baggerly
Omaha Vitamin D Symposium
Edmonton Vitamin D & Breast Cancer Symposium
Dr. Reinhold Vieth
Dr. Michael Holick
Dr. Robert Heaney
Dr. William Grant
Dr. John Cannell
Dr. Marc Sorenson
Dr. Mercola
Misc Vitamin D Videos

Canadian Non-profit has Scientific Advisors

Dr. Reinhold Vieth; Carole Baggerly; Dr. John Cannell M.D.; Dr. Robert Heaney M.D.; Dr. William Grant Ph..D.
Dr. Marc Sorenson, EdD; Dr. Gerry Schwalfenberg M.D.; Dr. Robert Banner M.D.; Dr. Hal Gunn M.D.
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