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Wonder when the first doctor will be found liable for not providing vitamin D to a patient

Go to court: Not enough vitamin D/sunshine for the monkey

Stourbridge pair in court for monkey cruelty BBC Dec 2011
Monkey had many bone fractures
Owners got four charges of cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

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Owners of some pet reptiles setup UV lamps which their animals can use as they desire.
The administrator of this wiki site has setup UV lamp for himself.
Several friends who have cats have also purchased UV lamps - which their cats enjoy.
Probably any pet from equatorial regions should have access to UV/vitamin D.
Example: African Grey parrots (file) need UVB
   The most intelligent African Grey Parrot - Alex - apparently died due to lack of UVB/vitamin D
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Rickets/Battered Child/Weak bones

Mercola March 2011

  • lack of vitamins C, D, or K mistaken for shaken baby syndrome

Your vitamin D deficient infant could be taken away from you – Sept 2010

The above item from the Vitamin D council includes the following quotes:

  • "1/4 of all otherwise normal infants have evidence of infantile rickets while they are still in the womb."
  • "... it is likely that tens of thousands of infants are being sent home from the hospital with multiple fractures because no one has ever done a study looking for asymptomatic fractures."

Dec 2010 man acquitted of beating his 3 month old - after 14 months of being kept away from his child

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  1. Annually, between 1991 and 2005, 7.4% of all physicians had a malpractice claim, with 1.6% having a claim that led to an indemnity payment;
  2. By the age of 45, up to 36% of physicians in low-risk specialties were projected to have faced their first claim.
    For high-risk specialties this figure was as high as 88%.
  3. Between 1991 and 2003, the proportion of claims against physicians in low-risk specialties decreased from 8.3% to 5.8%.
    Most (73%) settled malpractice claims involve medical error
  • Mercola Oct 2010
    It is my impression that it is criminal malpractice not to recommend vitamin D and aggressively monitor a breast cancer patient's vitamin D level to get it between 70 and 100 ng/ml.
  • March 2010
    Dr. Hollis could not state this strongly enough. “I think it is medical malpractice for obstetricians not to know what the Vitamin D level of their patients is.”
  • Vitamin D Council 2009
    "As the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently recommended that all pregnant women have a 25(OH)D blood test...
    As the AAP recommendation came from an official medical body, to medical malpractice attorneys it represents evidence of a 'standard of care' for future lawsuits."
  • Malpractice: Low Vitamin D Levels (heart) from a Medical Malpractice Website
  • Can Vitamin D deficiency cause a miscarriage? Medical Malpractice website

Suspect something like the following scenario

A person requests vitamin D, doctor refuses or only prescribes 1,000 IU

Candidate procedures include the following ones which use a lot of vitamin D, sometimes as vicious cycles

Quote from Upton Sinclair

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary is dependent upon his not understanding it”

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