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Vitamin D – 3rd Edition book 2011

Feldman, Pike & Adams


Section I: Chemistry, Metabolism, Circulation

1 Historical Overview of Vitamin D; Hector F. Deluca
2 Photobiology of Vitamin D; Michael F. Holick
3 The Activating Enzymes of Vitamin D Metabolism (25- and 1a-Hydroxylases); Glenville Jones and David E. Prosser
4 CYP24A1: Structure, Function, and Physiological Role; Rene St. Arnaud
5 The Vitamin D Binding Protein: DBP; Roger Bouillon
6 Industrial Aspects of Vitamin D; Arnold L. Hirsch

Section II: Mechanisms of Action

7 VDR; J. Wesley Pike
8 Nuclear Vitamin D Receptor: Natural Ligands, Molecular Structure-Function, and Transcriptional Control of Vital Genes; Mark R. Haussler, Carol A. Haussler, Jui-Cheng Hsieh, Peter W. Jurutka, and G. Kerr Whitfield
9 Structural Basis for Ligand Activity in VDR;Dino Moras and Natacha Rochel
10 Coregulators of VDR-mediated Gene Expression; Paul McDonald and Diane R. Dowd
11 Target Genes of Vitamin D: Spatio-temporal Interaction of Chromatin, VDR and Response Elements; Carsten Carlberg
12 Epigenetic Modifications in Vitamin D Receptor Mediated Transrepression; Shigeaki Kato, Alexander Kouzmenko, Fumiaki Ohtake, and Ryoji Fujiki
13 Vitamin D and Wnt/ß-Catenin Signaling; Albert Munoz, José Manuel González-Sancho, and María Jesús Larriba
14 Vitamin D Response Element Binding Protein; John S. Adams, Thomas S. Lisse, Hong Chen, Mark S. Nanes, and Martin Hewison
15 Vitamin D Sterol/VDR Conformational Dynamics and Nongenomic Actions; Anthony W. Norman and Mathew T. Mizwicki

Section III: Mineral and Bone Homeostasis

16 Development of the Skeleton; Jane B. Lian, Gary S. Stein, Martin Montecino, Janet L. Stein, Andre J. van Wijnen
17 Vitamin D Regulation of Osteoblast Function; Renny Franchesci and Yan Li
18 Osteoclasts; F. Patrick Ross
19 Molecular Mechanisms for Regulation of Intestinal Calcium and Phosphate Absorption by Vitamin D; James Fleet and Ryan D. Schoch
20 The Calbindins: Calbindin-D28K and Calbindin-D9K and the Epithelial Calcium Channels TRPV5 and TRPV6; Sylvia Christakos, Leila Mady, and Puneet Dhawan
21 Mineralization; Adele Boskey and Eve Donnelly
23 Target Genes: Bone Proteins; Howard Morris, Paul H. Anderson, Gerald J. Atkins, and David M. Findlay
24 Vitamin D and the Calcium-Sensing Receptor; Edward M. Brown
25 Effects of 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 on Voltage-Sensitive Calcium Channels in Osteoblast Differentiation and Morphology; Mary Farach-Carson and William R. Thompson

Section IV: Targets

26 Vitamin D and the Kidney; Rajiv Kumar and Peter Tebben
27 Vitamin D and the Parathyroids; Justin Silver and Tally Neveh-Many
28 Cartilage; Barbara D. Boyan, Maryam Doroudi and Zvi Schwartz
29 Vitamin D and Oral Heath; Ariane Berdal, Muriel Molla, Vianney Descroix
30 The Role of Vitamin D and its Receptor in Skin and Hair Follicle Biology; Marie B. Demay
31 Vitamin D and the Cardiovascular System; David Gardner, Songcang Chen, Denis Glenn, and Wei Ni
32 Vitamin D: A Neurosteroid Affecting Brain Development and Function; Implications for Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders; John McGrath, Darryl Eyles, and Thomas Burne
33 Contributions of Genetically Modified Mouse Models to Understanding the Physiology and Pathophysiology of the 25-hydroxyvitamin D-1-alpha Hydroxylase Enzyme 1a(OH)ase and the Vitamin D Receptor (VDR); David Goltzman, Geoffrey N. Hendy, and Richard Kremer

Section V: Human Physiology

34 Vitamin D: Role in the Calcium and Phosphorus Economies; Robert P. Heaney
35 Fetus, Neonate and Infant; Chris Kovacs
36 Vitamin D Deficiency and Calcium Absorption During Childhood; Steven A. Abrams
37 Adolescence and Acquisition of Peak Bone Mass; Connie Weaver, Rick Lewis, and Emma Liang
38 Vitamin D Metabolism in Pregnancy and Lactation; Bonny Specker, Natalie W. Thiex, and Heidi J. Kalkwarf
39 Vitamin D: Relevance in Reproductive Biology and Pathophysiological Implications in Reproductive Dysfunction; Hugh S. Taylor and Lubna Pal
40 Vitamin D and the Renin-Angiotensin System; Yan Chun Li
41 Parathyroid Hormone, Parathyroid Hormone-Related Protein and Calcitonin; John J. Wysolmerski and Elizabeth Holt
42 FGF23/Klotho New Regulators of Vitamin D Metabolism; L. Darryl Quarles and Valentin David
43 The Role of the Vitamin D Receptor in Bile Acid Homeostasis: David J. Mangelsdorf, Daniel R. Schmidt, Steven A. Kliewer
44 Vitamin D and Fat; Clifford J. Rosen and Francisco J. A. de Paula
45 Extra-renal 1a-hydroxylase; Martin Hewison and John S. Adams

Section VI: Diagnosis and Management

46 Approach to the Patient; Michael P. Whyte
47 Detection of Vitamin D and Its Major Metabolites; Bruce W. Hollis
48 Bone Histomorphometry; Juliet E. Compston and Linda Skingle
49 Radiology; Judith E. Adams
51 The Role of Vitamin D in Orthopaedic Surgery; Joseph M. Lane, Aasis Unnanuntana, and Brian J. Rebolledo

Section VII: Nutrition, Sunlight, Genetics and Vitamin D Deficiency

52 Worldwide vitamin D status; Paul Lips and Natasja van Schoor
53 Sunlight, Vitamin D and Prostate Cancer Epidemiology; Gary G. Schwartz
54 Nutrition and lifestyle effects on vitamin D status; Susan J. Whiting and Mona S. Calvo
55 Bone Loss, Vitamin D and Bariatric Surgery: Nutrition, Obesity and Bariatric Surgery; Lenore Arab and Ian Yip
56 Genes and Risk of Disease; André G. Uitterlinden
57 The Pharmacology of Vitamin D; Reinhold Vieth
58 How to Define Optimal Vitamin D Status?; Roger Bouillon

Section VIII: Disorders

59 The Hypocalcemic Disorders: Differential Diagnosis and Therapeutic Use of Vitamin D; Thomas O. Carpenter and Karl L. Insogna
60 Vitamin D Deficiency and Nutritional Rickets in Children: John M. Pettifor
61 Vitamin D and Osteoporosis; Peter R. Ebeling and John A. Eisman
62 Relevance of Vitamin D Deficiency in Adult Fracture and Fall Prevention; Heike Bischoff-Ferrari and Bess Dawson-Hughes
63 Clinical Disorders of Phosphate Homeostasis; Marc K. Drezner and Karen E. Hansen
64 Pseudo-vitamin D Deficiency; Francis H. Glorieux, Thomas Edouard, and René St-Arnaud
65 Hereditary 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D Resistant Rickets; Peter J. Malloy, David Feldman, and Dov Tiosano
66 Glucocorticoids and Vitamin D; Philip Sambrook
67 Drug and Hormone Effects on Vitamin D Metabolism; Sol Epstein and Barrie M. Weinstein
68 Vitamin D and Organ Transplantation; Elizabeth Shane and Emily M. Stein
71 Idiopathic Hypercalciuria and Nephrolithiasis: Murray J. Favus and Fredric L. Coe
72 Hypercalcemia Due to Vitamin D Toxicity; John P. Bilezikian, Natalie E. Cusano, and Susan Thys-Jacobs
73 Vitamin D: Cardiovascular Effects and Vascular Calcification; Dwight A. Towler

Section IX: Analogs

74 New Analogs; Hector DeLuca and Lori A. Plum
75 Mechanisms for the Selective Actions of Vitamin D Analogs; Alex J. Brown
76 ANALOGS OF CALCITRIOL; Annemieke Verstuyf, Pierre De Clercq, Roger Bouillon, Lieve Verlinden, Guy Eelen, and Maurits Vandewalle
77 Analogs and Fx Prevention; Noboru Kubodera and Fumiaki Takahashi
78 Non-Secosteroidal Ligands and Modulators; Keith R. Stayrook, Yanfei L. Ma, Matthew W. Carson, and Jeffrey A. Dodge
79 The bile acid derivatives lithocholic acid acetate and lithocholic acid propionate are functionally selective vitamin D receptor ligands; Makoto Makishima and Sachiko Yamada
80 CYP24A1 Regulation in Health and Disease; Martin Petkovich, Tina Epps, and Christian Helvig
81 Calcitriol and Analogs in the Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease; Ravi Thadhani and Ishir Bhan

Section X: Cancer

82 The Epidemiology of Vitamin D and Cancer Risk; Edward Giovannucci
83 Vitamin D: Cancer and Differentiation; Johannes P. T. M. van Leeuwen, Alberto Munoz, Marjolein van Driel, and David Feldman
84 Vitamin D Effects on Differentiation and Cell Cycle; George P. Studzinski, Elzbieta Gocek, and Michael Danilenko
85 Vitamin D Actions in Mammary Gland and Breast Cancer; Joellen Welsh
86 Vitamin D and Prostate Cancer; David Feldman and Aruna V. Krishnan
88 Hematological Malignancy; H. Phillip Koeffler and Ryoko Okamoto
89 Vitamin D and Skin Cancer; Jean Y. Tang and Ervin H. Epstein
90 The Anti-Tumor Effects of Vitamin D in Other Cancers; Donald Trump and Candace Johnson

Section XI: Immunity, Inflammation, and Disease

91 Vitamin D and Innate Immunity; John H. White; 92 Control of Adaptive Immunity by Vitamin D Receptor Agonists; Luciano Adorini
93 The role of vitamin D in innate immunity: Antimicrobial Activity, Oxidative Stress and Barrier Function; Philip T. Liu
94 Vitamin D and Diabetes; Chantal Mathieu, Conny Gysemans, and Hannelie Korf
95 Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis; Colleen E. Hayes, Faye E. Nashold, Justin A. Spanier, Corwin D. Nelson, and Christopher G. Mayne
96 Vitamin D and Inflammatory Bowel Disease; Margherita Cantorna and Danny Bruce
97 Psoriasis and other Skin Diseases; Jörg Reichrath and Michael F. Holick

Section XII: Therapeutic Applications and New Advances

98 The Role of Vitamin D in Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension; Bess Dawson-Hughes and Anastassios G. Pittas
99 Vitamin D Receptor Agonists in the Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia; Mario Maggi, Annamaria Morelli, and Luciano Adorini
100 Sunlight protection by Vitamin D Compounds; Rebecca S. Mason, Katie M. Dixon, Vanessa Sequiera, and Clare Gordon-Thomas
101 The Role of Vitamin D in Osteoarthritis and Rheumatic Disease; Timothy M. McAlindon and M. Kyla Shea
102 Vitamin D and cardiovascular Disease; Harald Dobnig and Harald Sourij
103 Vitamin D, Childhood Wheezing, Asthma, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease; Carlos A. Camargo, Jonathan Mansbach, and Adit Ginde
104 Vitamin D and Skeletal Muscle Function; Robert U. Simpson and Lisa Ceglia
105 VITAL; JoAnn E. Manson

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