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Sun exposure reduces Myopia – June 2011

Seeing the Light: Why Sun Exposure May Be Good for Your Eyes June 2011 Marks Daily Apple

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Sunlight and circadian rhythm - (do not have bright light at night)

Kathryn Rose, points to the weak or inconsistent epidemiology that attempts to link time

  • spent on the computer,
  • watching television,
  • reading, and
  • studying

to myopia. She suggests that the real problem is lack of sunlight.

References (linked at his website)

  • In Chinese school children, myopia progression was inversely correlated with outdoor activity.
  • Near work (studying, reading) did not correlate with myopia progression, but American kids who played fewer sports outdoors had more myopia.
  • In Taiwanese rural children, outdoor activities might be “an important protecting factor for myopia.”
  • In teens from Singapore, outdoor activity appeared to protect against myopia progression.

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