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Zika misinformation and history – April 2016

The Zika outbreak of the 21st century

Journal of Autoimmunity, Volume 68, April 2016, Pages 1–13, doi:10.1016/j.jaut.2016.02.006
Christopher Changa, Kristina Ortizb, Aftab Ansarib, M. Eric Gershwina, ,

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  • By 2014, 120,000 people in Pacific Island Countries were infected, which was believed to be a conservative estimate due to underreporting”
    Note – Zika is probably very underreported in the Americas
  • “Drier conditions may have enhanced [Zika] vector dispersal”
  • These mosquitoes have “adapted to be active during the daytime and thrive in urban areas.”
    Note: many still suggest nighttime and outdoor Zika activity
  • “range of a mosquito is 1–3 miles” e.g. 15,000 feet
    Note: many sources still say range is <300 feet, and ignore more distant breeding locations
    Note: many countries ignore indoor breeding locations
  • . . “known to be active and aggressive during the daytime hours, but especially during dusk or dawn in cloudy weather, and often indoors.”
  • . . “eggs can survive for long periods of time in a dry state”
    Note: some sources state that Zika mosquito eggs must first dry out and then become wet
    Note: many countries fail to consider indoor breeding locations: crawlspaces, attics, shelves, toilet tanks,
  • Zika testing: no consistent best test liquid, saliva blood and urine are used
    Note: Zika can test positive in one liquid but not the other two.
  • “Adhesion factors including AXL, Tyro3, and DC-SIGN were found to facilitate Zika virus entry into human skin cells.”
    VitaminDWiki had not been aware that the skin is a potential Zilka barrier
    Google query for [   (AXL OR Tyro3 OR DC-SIGN) skin "vitamin D"   ] found 97,000 items July 2016
    example in VitaminDWiki Dengue, Vitamin D and microRNAs – May 2016
    Hmmm - might putting Vitamin D oil/spray on ankles prevent Zika infection?

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