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Yet another autoimmune disease is associated with low vitamin D ( Vasculitis – inflamed blood vessels) – Dec 2020

Zeitschrift für Rheumatologie Published: 18 December 2020
T. Yoon, S. S. Ahn, J. Y. Pyo, J. J. Song, Y.-B. Park & S.-W. Lee MD, PhD


Inflammation of blood vessels (vasculitis): low Vitamin D and 22 X more likely to have kidney problems – March 2022

Autoimmune category starts with

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Vitamin D Receptor is associated in over 40 autoimmune studies

Background and objective
The association between vitamin D levels and disease activity has been established in patients with several autoimmune rheumatic diseases. We aimed to examine the association between vitamin D and disease activity of antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis (AAV).

Fifty-four AAV patients and 50 age- and sex-matched healthy controls without vitamin D supplements were included. Clinical and laboratory data were evaluated during the assessment of vitamin D levels. Two different forms of vitamin D in the sera—25(OH)D, which is the sum of 25(OH)D2 and 25(OH)D3, and 25(OH)D3, which only includes 25(OH)D in its D3 form—were measured, and the relationship between vitamin D and the obtained data was assessed. Variations in vitamin D levels relative to the season were also evaluated.

Patients with AAV demonstrated considerably lower 25(OH)D serum levels than healthy controls (16.0 vs. 20.4 ng/mL, p = 0.016), and the proportion of individuals with vitamin D deficiency was higher in patients with AAV than in healthy controls (68.5% vs. 48.0%, p = 0.035). Both serum 25(OH)D and 25(OH)D3 were positively associated with the 36-item Short-form Health Survey (SF-36) physical component summary and SF-36 mental component summary (MCS) scores. A negative correlation was observed between 25(OH)D and 25(OH)D3 serum levels and Birmingham vasculitis activity score (BVAS), C-reactive protein (CRP), and white blood cell count. Linear regression analysis indicated haemoglobin and 25(OH)D levels to be independently associated with BVAS and CRP and 25(OH)D levels with SF-36 MCS score. No seasonal variations were observed in vitamin D levels.

The results from this study suggest that vitamin D levels could provide clinically useful information in AAV.

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