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Vitamin D receptor mutations might cause hereditary vitamin D-resistant rickets – March 2015

Mutations in the vitamin D receptor and hereditary vitamin D-resistant rickets.

Bonekey Rep. 2014 Mar 5;3:510. doi: 10.1038/bonekey.2014.5. eCollection 2014.
Feldman D1, J Malloy P2.
1 Department of Medicine, Stanford University , Stanford, CA, USA.
2 Department of Pediatrics, Stanford University , Stanford, CA, USA.


Hereditary Vitamin D-resistant rickets is a form which is not treated by Vitamin D

Perhaps Resveratrol, Boron, Zinc, Magnesium etc, which improve the VDR, could be used to treat Hereditary Vitamin D-resistant rickets

Search VitaminDWiki for "RESISTANT RICKETS 195 items as of Dec 2018

Vitamin D Receptor category has the following

410 studies in Vitamin D Receptor category

Vitamin D tests cannot detect Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) problems
A poor VDR restricts Vitamin D from getting in the cells
It appears that 30% of the population have a poor VDR (40% of the Obese )

A poor VDR increases the risk of 55 health problems  click here for details
The risk of 44 diseases at least double with poor Vitamin D Receptor as of Oct 2019

VDR at-home test $29 - results not easily understood in 2016
There are hints that you may have inherited a poor VDR

Compensate for poor VDR by increasing one or more:

1) Vitamin D supplement
  Sun, Ultraviolet -B
Vitamin D in the blood
and thus in the cells
2) MagnesiumVitamin D in the blood
 AND in the cells
3) Omega-3 Vitamin D in the cells
4) Resveratrol Vitamin D Receptor
5) Intense exercise Vitamin D Receptor
6) Get prescription for VDR activator
   paricalcitol, maxacalcitol?
Vitamin D Receptor
7) Quercetin (flavonoid) Vitamin D Receptor
8) Zinc is in the VDRVitamin D Receptor
9) BoronVitamin D Receptor ?,
10) Essential oils e.g. ginger, curcuminVitamin D Receptor
11) ProgesteroneVitamin D Receptor
12) Infrequent high concentration Vitamin D
Increases the concentration gradient
Vitamin D in the cells
13) Sulfroaphane and perhaps sulfurVitamin D Receptor

Note: If you are not feeling enough benefit from Vitamin D, you might try increasing VDR activation. You might feel the benefit within days of adding one or more of the above

Far healthier and stronger at age 72 due to supplements Includes 6 supplements that help the VDR

Overview of Rickets and vitamin D contains the following summary

Rate of rickets is usually < 0.1% of births, unless dark skin or breastfed
Rate of rickets has greatly increased with the drop in vitamin D levels during the past 40 years
400 IU can prevent/treat most rickets Turkey gave vitamin D to EVERY child and eliminated Rickets
A low serum level of vitamin D does not indicate rickets
Sometimes rickets is also associated with a poor vitamin D receptor
Giving enough Vitamin D to the mother PREVENTS Rickets
Rate of rickets in some countries varies from 10% to 70% (typically poor health overall)
Rickets has been more than doubling in many countries
Rickets is strongly associated with severe breathing problems (weak ribs)
Bowed legs is not the primary indication of rickets (3 other indications of rickets are seen more often)
Vitamin D and Rickets consensus took 80 years

Rickets category has 123 items

Items in both categories Rickets and Receptor are listed here:

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Heterogeneous loss of function mutations in the vitamin D receptor (VDR) interfere with vitamin D signaling and cause hereditary vitamin D-resistant rickets (HVDRR). HVDRR is characterized by hypocalcemia, secondary hyperparathyroidism and severe early-onset rickets in infancy and is often associated with consanguinity. Affected children may also exhibit alopecia of the scalp and total body. The children usually fail to respond to treatment with calcitriol; in fact, their endogenous levels are often very elevated. Successful treatment requires reversal of hypocalcemia and secondary hyperparathyroidism and is usually accomplished by administration of high doses of calcium given either intravenously or sometimes orally to bypass the intestinal defect in VDR signaling.

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