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Vitamin D fortified food (bread) is similar to supplementation – RCT April 2016

Vitamin D-fortified bread is as effective as supplement in improving vitamin D status: a randomized clinical trial.

J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2016 Apr 26:jc20161631. [Epub ahead of print]
Nikooyeh B1, Neyestani TR1, Zahedirad M1, Mohammadi M2, Hedayat Hosseini S3, Abdollahi Z4, Salehi F4, Mirzay Razaz J5, Shariatzadeh N1, Kalayi A1, Lotfollahi N1, Maleki MR1.

VitaminDWiki Summary
1000 IU in bread 1000 IU supplement
Vitamin D changes +16 ng +12 ng
IPTH -13% -14%
Visceral fat -1%-1%
LCL-C-10 mg/L -7 mg/dL
not significant
Serum HDL+10 mg/dL +6 ng/dL

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Bread can potentially be a suitable vehicle for fortification with vitamin D.
This study was undertaken to evaluate (1) bioavailability of vitamin D from the fortified Iranian bread, and (2) the possible effects of daily consumption of the fortified bread on certain health aspects.
This was a randomized double blind placebo-controlled trial conducted over 8 weeks in 90 healthy subjects aged 20-60 yr.
Subjects were randomly allocated to 1 of 3 groups: (a) fortified bread (FP; 50 g bread fortified with 25μg vitamin D3 plus placebo daily; n1 = 30); (b) supplement (SP; 50 g plain bread plus 25μg vitamin D supplement daily; n2 = 30); and (c) control (CP; 50 g plain bread plus placebo daily; n3 =30).
Measures: Initial and final anthropometric and biochemical assessments were performed.
The within-group changes of serum 25(OH)D concentrations were 39.0±22.6 (p<0.001), 28.9±31.2 (p<0.001) and -9.2±12.3 nmol/L in the FP, SP and CP groups, respectively. Only in FP and SP groups, serum iPTH concentrations decreased approximately 13.5% and 14.5%, respectively. Visceral fat also showed a significant decrement in FP (-1.05±1.4%; p=<0.001) and SP (-0.96±1.7%; p=0.006). Serum LDL-C concentration showed a within-group reduction in FP (-10.4±11.2 mg/dL; p <0.001) and an insignificant decrement in SP (-6.6±20.2 mg/dL; p=0.083). Serum HDL increased in both vitamin D supplemented groups (FP: 9.7±7.6 vs. SP: 5.7±6.7 mg/dL; p<0.001).
Vitamin D-fortified bread could be a potentially effective in raising circulating 25(OH)D of the population to nearly adequate levels.

PMID: 27115063

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