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Vitamin D Beyond the Bone webinar - Sept 2015

Vitamin D: beyond bone health

60 minutes

Vitamin D has traditionally been closely linked to bone health. It prevents rickets in children, as well as lowers the risk of fracture and osteoporosis in adults and the elderly. The links between vitamin D and bone health will be highlighted as part of the upcoming World Osteoporosis Day on 20th October 2015.

Articles discussing the diverse positive effects of vitamin D have recently been hitting the headlines, with 3,500 studies published every year and ongoing research into its emerging health benefits. Despite this, 88% of the global population have low vitamin D intake due to poor nutrition and sun exposure. There is still a lack of knowledge among consumers about the long-term effects of vitamin D deficiency.

Join our webinar on vitamin D and its health benefits, which will be presented by the acclaimed scientist in biochemistry and molecular biology, Dr. Bruce Ames. He will be accompanied by DSM’s Prof. Manfred Eggersdorfer and Jacob Bauly. They will present the latest findings on vitamin D and the emerging benefits across different life stages and conditions. Dr. Ames will also discuss his groundbreaking triage theory, which demonstrates that when micronutrients are scarce, the body uses them to compensate the episodic shortages at the expense of long-term survival, which leads to potential DNA damage and negative effects on human health





Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer risk decreases 5 percent for every 2.5 nanogram increase in Vitamin D – meta-analysis Sept 2015


Serotonin regulated by Vitamin D – part 1 autism – Feb 2014


Dr. Manfred Eggersdorfer was asked how much Vitamin D is needed
He stated 800 IU to get to 30 ng - which disagrees with 8 studies
AVERAGE vitamin D responses (about half get vitamin D below the average)
Chart indicates that 1,000-1200 IU dose size for HALF of the people to have > 30 ng.
Much higher dose needed to have most people >30 ng

Discussed Food Fortification

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