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Vitamin D research leads to surprising health tip – Australians need more time in the sun – May 2014

Vitamin D research leads to surprising health tip ABC News Australia title – not mine

This is the result of a 5 year long study
ABC new items give ZERO information about the how much is needed, more need if dark skin or elderly, etc.
The same researchers are starting another 5 years study – supplementing with a small amount of vitamin D.
Participants in the follow-on study (age 60-79) are not allowed to take >500 IU of vitamin D supplements daily
The “lucky” participants will get 60,000 IU once a month ( about 2,000 IU daily average) for 5 years.

Note: VitaminDWiki (and many other groups) recommend 50,000 IU every two weeks for those who are not at high risk, which is about 2X more than the Australian test

Those adults at high risk – such as the 60-79 study groups should take 50,000 IU each week – which is about 4X more than the 5 year Australian test.

We expect that the participants will know within a few days of starting the 5 year long trial if they are getting vitamin D or the placebo. The benefits are extremely easy to notice.

Vitamin D testing AND levels are increasing in Australia (NSW) – May 2014 is probably the research study referred to.

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