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Vitamin D before surgery improves outcome (spinal in this case) – Dec 2022

The Role of Preoperative Vitamin D in Spine Surgery

A Curr Rev Musculoskelet Med . 2022 Dec 20. doi: 10.1007/s12178-022-09813-z
nitesh Bajaj 1, Rohan M Shah 2, Alyssa M Goodwin 2, Steven Kurapaty 2, Alpesh A Patel 2, Srikanth N Divi 2

Purpose of review: Vitamin D is an essential micronutrient for human bone health and maintenance. Patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery with hypovitaminosis D may be at greater risk for worsened clinical outcomes. This narrative review aims to compile the current literature studying the effects of low preoperative vitamin D on spine surgery outcomes, creating a resource that clinicians can use to inform their practice.

Recent findings: Vitamin D deficiency predisposes to worse outcomes following spine surgery. Vitamin D supplementation may be beneficial in reducing the risk for adverse postoperative events; however, the literature is inconclusive regarding its efficacy in improving bone density and fracture risk.
Spine clinicians should be aware of the increased risk for poor outcomes in patients with preoperative vitamin D deficiency. Future investigations are needed to better evaluate the benefits of preoperative vitamin D screening and supplementation on improving surgical outcomes in spine patients. These studies must also consider the effects on perioperative healthcare costs.


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