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Vitamin D Sulfate (found in breast milk) might get to tissues without being metabolized -US patent application – July 2018




  • Who said vitamin D could not be patented
    • A patent is a good indication that Vitamin D can treat/prevent a health problem
  • Some Vitamin D patents in 2018
    PCOS, Breast and many other cancers, Obesity, Fall prevention, Stroke and other Cardiovascular, Immune system, wounds and reduce scars, Kidney disease, Diabetes, improve fertility, decrease pregnancy problems, SAD, multiple sclerosis (2),chemoprevention of cancer, accelerate fracture healing, metabolic syndrome, periodontitis, gingivitis, endometreosis, hair loss due to Chemotherapy, asthma, allergy, PMS in girls, ADHD

“[0009] Surprisingly, it was found that cholecalciferol sulfate salts and thus, vitamin D.sub.3 in its native form can be supplied to the body in a way without immediate metabolization thereof into water-insoluble cholecalciferol or (25OH)-cholecalciferol. The lymph system is able to distribute the water-soluble cholecalciferol sulfate salts as such in the body. The water-soluble cholecalciferol sulfate salts are of course also soluble in blood. However, there they may potentially undergo rapid, e.g. enzymatic, decomposition.

[0012] Cholecalciferol sulfate salts are usually soluble in water or an aqueous-alcoholic mixture. Examples for pharmaceutically acceptable cholecalciferol sulfate salts with an inorganic cation are

  • sodium cholecalciferol sulfate,
  • magnesium cholecalciferol sulfate,
  • calcium cholecalciferol sulfate and
  • ammonium cholecalciferol sulfate.

Examples for pharmaceutically acceptable cholecalciferol sulfate salts with organic cations are

  • trimethylammonium cholecalciferol sulfate and
  • L-lysine cholecalciferol sulfate

[0013] The method of administration in accordance with the present invention is chosen such that it effects that at least 5% of the administrated amount of cholecalciferol sulfate salt is transported from the site of administration into a systemic fluid transport system of the human body without metabolization. Depending on the method of administration, preferably at least 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45% or 50% of the administered cholecalciferol sulfate salt reach a systemic fluid transport system of the human body from the site of administration as such without experiencing metabolization.

Transported by Blood and/or Lymph

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