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Did you know?

Vitamin D Binding Protein (GC) gene can decrease the bio-available Vitamin D that can get to cells,

  • GC is not the only such gene - there are 3 others, all invisible to standard Vitamin D tests
  • The bio-available calculation does not notice the effect of GC, CYP27B1, CYP24A1, and VDR
  • The actual D getting to the cells is a function of measured D and all 4 genes
  • There is >2X increase in 8+ health problems if have poor VDBP (GC)
  • It appears that VDBP only blocks oral vitamin D,

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Health Problem
11 XPreeclampsia
6.5XT1D in SA Blacks
6 XFood Allergy
4 X, 5XKidney Cancer
4 XPoor Response to Oral Vitamin D
3 XEar infection
2 X MS
2 X Colorectal Cancer
2 XProstate Cancer -in those with dark skins
1.3 XInfertility

VDBP is NOT directly detected by vitamin D blood tests
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MS and Vitamin D Binding Protein:

TB and Vitamin D Binding Protein:

Breathing and Vitamin D Binding Protein:

Infant-Child and Vitamin D Binding Protein:

Pregnancy and Vitamin D Binding Protein:

Vitamin D Binding Protein (VDBP) and Its Gene Polymorphisms
—The Risk of Malignant Tumors and Other Diseases - Oct 2020  PDF



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  • Meta-analysis of vitamin D-binding protein and cancer risk Sept 2015
    • "Results: We found a borderline decrease in cancer risk for subjects with high compared to low levels of DBP"
    • "We included 28 independent studies concerning: basal cell carcinoma, bladder, breast, colon-rectum, endometrium, liver, esophagus, stomach, melanoma, pancreas, prostate and kidney. "

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