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US is buying 5 billion dollars of Pfizer COVID pills (10 million dollars of Vitamin D might do as well) - Nov 2021

Update Nov 27, 2021: Molnupiravir only reduces risk by 30%, not 50%

New data shows Merck’s experimental covid-19 pill is less effective than early results predicted

  • "But according to the latest findings Merck presented to the FDA, the pill reduced the risk of hospitalization and death only by 30 percent."

The U.S. plans to buy enough of Pfizer’s Covid antiviral pills for 10 million people

New York Times - Nov 16, 2021

VitaminDWiki: Vitamin D and COVID

4 Vitamin D pills (200,000 IU might result in a similar benefit ar far less cost
Approximately 20 doses per $20 bottle = $1 per dose
So, 10 million doses = $10 million

A few of the peer-reviewed Vitamin D - COVID studies

COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos

5 most-recently changed Virus entries

Early Treatment Options Compared

Vitamin D
>100 companies
Merck - patented
Pfizer - patented
Cost per treatment$1$700 <$700
with medication
>100,000,000 people
over 70 years
400 people in an RCT
over a few months
1200 people
1 month
COVID studies
of the treatment
>100 peer reviewedno peer reviewPress Release
Reduced risk
of hospitalization
>2X perhaps 8X 2X 6X
Vaccinated?does not mattertrial participants
were UNvaccinated
trial participants
were UNvaccinated
Health problems
COVID-19, colds, flu
coronavirus, +64 others
Health problems
with periodic dosing
26 health problems

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