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US Law Forbids the Medicinal Use of Natural Substances – Sept 2019

Why the Law Forbids the Medicinal Use of Natural Substances Green Med Info

  • According to the FDA's legal definition, a drug is anything that "diagnoses, cures, mitigates, treats, or prevents a disease”
  • “Historically the FDA has required new drugs undergo expensive and elaborate multi-phased clinical trials, which are out of the grasp of any ordinary interest who might want to demonstrate the efficacy of a non-patentable (and therefore unprofitable) herb, food or spice.”

Curcumin Example
Articles on Curcumin at GreenMedInfo

Breast Cancer 91
Colorectal Cancer34
Colon Cancer61
Prostate Cancer61
Pancreatic Cancer35
Cancers: Drug Resistant50
Lung Cancer63
Liver Cancer46
Cancer Metastasis36
Skin Cancer19

VitaminDWiki examples


  • FDA now allows specific Omega-3 health claims - July 2019
    • It took 717 studies and > 1 year of work to get FDA to allow claims that Omega-3 reduces Hypertension and Coronary Heart Disease
    • There still are many more documented benefits of Omega-3 for which the FDA has not been paid to allow.

Vitamin D and Omega-3 category starts with

332 Omega-3 items in category

Omega-3 and Vitamin D separately & together help with Autism, Depression, Cardiovascular, Cognition, Pregnancy, Infant, Obesity, Mortality, Breast Cancer, Smoking, Sleep, Stroke, Surgery, Longevity, Trauma, Inflammation, MS, etc
   See also - Overview: Omega-3 many benefits include helping vitamin D

Each of the following supplements could be easily claimed to provide many health benefits,
but no company would profit by doing so
   wonder if non-profit organizations might fund it?


Vitamin K2

Vitamin D

Note: FDA does not even permit a claim that Vitamin D can treat rickets, much less scores of other health problems.
Note: Low-cost vitamin D testers are being sold in many countries in 2018, but no FDA approval for the US in 2019

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