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Seniors can restore lost muscle (Sarcopenia) – first restore vitamin D, then exercise – July 2018

Chapter 4 Treatment of sarcopenia

Geriatr Gerontol Int 2018; 18 (Suppl. 1): 28-44, doi: 10.1111/ggi.13322
Hidenori Arai,1 Hidetaka Wakabayashi,2 Yoshihiro Yoshimura,3 Minoru Yamada,4 Hunkyung Kim5 and Atsushi Harada1
1National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Obu, 2Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Yokohama City University Medical Center, Yokohama, 3Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Kumamoto Rehabilitation Hospital, Kumamoto, 4Department of Lifespan Developmental Sciences, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University ofTsukuba, and5Research Team for Promoting Independence of the Elderly, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology, Tokyo, Japan

This review of many sarcopenia studies has no abstract

  • Examined exercise and/or Vitamin D
  • Study found that starting vitamin D supplementation before exercise was best
  • VitaminDWiki believes that there is little point in the exercise before Vitamin D levels are restored
    Maintenance dose of vitamin D would require 3-4 months
    Load dose of vitamin D would require < 2 weeks


Sarcopenia (muscle loss) and Vitamin D many studies

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Sarcopenia with obesity is more likely if dark skin, diabetes, OR COPD (all associated with low vitamin D) 16 Oct, 2021
Severe sarcopenia (loss of muscle) 6 X more likely in women with rheumatoid arthritis having low vitamin D – Oct 2021 16 Oct, 2021
Sarcopenia (muscle loss) and Vitamin D 16 Oct, 2021
Loss of muscle strength –sarcopenia – one of the suspects is vitamin D – Aug 2012 16 Oct, 2021
Sarcopenia (muscle loss) is 1.6X more likely if poor Vitamin D receptor – July 2020 23 Jul, 2020
Sarcopenia reduction: Protein, Leucine, Omega-3, Vitamin D, and exercise - hypothesis Aug 2018 30 Jan, 2020
Muscle loss (sarcopenia) may be both prevented and treated by Omega-3 – Feb 2019 23 Feb, 2019
Seniors can restore lost muscle (Sarcopenia) – first restore vitamin D, then exercise – July 2018 13 Jul, 2018
Sarcopenia does not officially exist in Australia, but 1 in 3 of their seniors have it - July 2018 03 Jul, 2018
Sarcopenia: Nutrition and physical activity – systematic review – Jan 2017 10 Mar, 2017
Added 1 lb of muscle to sarcopenia adults in 13 weeks with just 800 IU vitamin D and protein – RCT Jan 2017 31 Jan, 2017
Hypothesis: Sarcopenia and other senior problems are related to low gastic acid 12 May, 2015
Sarcopenia and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (vitamin D not mentioned) – Sept 2013 07 Mar, 2015
Hypothesis: Sarcopenia and other senior problems are related to low gastric acid 01 Feb, 2015
Vitamin D is one of the treatments for sarcopenia – Nov 2012 31 Jan, 2015
No correlation found between vitamin D and sarcopenia – German dissertation Jan 2013 22 Jan, 2013
Novel treatment approaches to cachexia and sarcopenia: 13 Apr, 2010

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