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Preterm birth chance reduced – with 17P or Vitamin D – June 2015

Snipped from Grassroots Health email

  • The US premature birthrate has risen 36% over the last 25 years; over half a million preterm births happen in the US each year.
  • Preterm birth is the number one killer of newborns and the second leading cause of death in children under five.
  • Vitamin D could possibly prevent 50% of preterm births,
  • AND cut the risk of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and prenatal infections in HALF.

In conversations with hospital administrators and insurance company leaders, I learned about '17P'. 17P is a drug commonly used in hospitals and medical centers for pregnant women who have previously had a preterm birth. It is given to pregnant women as a weekly injection and is effective in reducing preterm birth by approximately 30%.

Unfortunately, it has a price tag of $50,000 per patient and the requirement for weekly injections is difficult for many women to meet. The same doctors who prescribe 17P were elated to find out about vitamin D, because:

  • Vitamin D has the potential to reduce preterm birth by 50%.
  • Vitamin D can be given to all pregnant women - whether they have had a prior preterm birth or not.
  • Vitamin D costs $15 for the entire pregnancy.

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IU Cumulative Benefit Blood level CofactorsCalcium $*/month
200 Better bones for mom
with 600 mg of Calcium
6 ng/ml increase Not needed No effect $0.10
400 Less Rickets (but not zero with 400 IU)
3X less adolescent Schizophrenia
Fewer child seizures
20-30 ng/ml Not needed No effect $0.20
2000 2X More likely to get pregnant naturally/IVF
2X Fewer dental problems with pregnancy
8X less diabetes
4X fewer C-sections (>37 ng)
4X less preeclampsia (40 ng vs 10 ng)
5X less child asthma
2X fewer language problems age 5
42 ng/ml Desirable < 750 mg $1
4000 2X fewer pregnancy complications
2X fewer pre-term births
49 ng/ml Should have
< 750 mg $3
6000 Probable: larger benefits for above items
Just enough D for breastfed infant
More maternal and infant weight
Should have
< 750 mg $4

Click on Nov 2013 chart from Grassroots Health for details

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