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Pregnancy success increased 30 percent if sunny (or vitamin D) one month earlier – June 2015

Pregnancy chances increase among women who soak up sun a month before IVF, Belgium study says NY Daily News

  • Increased exposure to sunshine one month before conception could boost a woman's odds of getting pregnant through IVF by more than a third, according to the study out of Belgium.
  • Dr. Frank Vandekerckhove, a reproduction specialist at University Hospital Ghent, found those exposed to more sunshine, less rain and higher temperatures one month before beginning an IVF cycle had better results.
  • The study, which included more than 11,000 women, revealed the weather at the time of conception had no significance.
  • "The month before is what's important, because that's when the egg is already starting to grow and mature," Vandekerckhove said.

Presented at European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’s annual conference in Lisbon

Note: It would also help a lot if the sperm were given when there was lots of recent sunshine

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