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Physical performance of seniors with low vitamin D dropped over 4 years - Nov 2012

25-Hydroxyvitamin D Status and Change in Physical Performance and Strength in Older Adults: !!The Health, Aging, and Body Composition Study.

Am J Epidemiol. 2012 Nov 1.
Houston DK, Tooze JA, Neiberg RH, Hausman DB, Johnson MA, Cauley JA, Bauer DC, Cawthon PM, Shea MK, Schwartz GG, Williamson JD, Tylavsky FA, Visser M, Simonsick EM, Harris TB, Kritchevsky SB; for the Health ABC Study.

Low 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) concentrations are common among older adults and are associated with poorer physical performance and strength, but results from longitudinal studies have been inconsistent. The 25(OH)D threshold for physical performance and strength was determined, and both cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between 25(OH)D and physical performance and strength were examined, in men and women aged 71-80 years from the Health, Aging, and Body Composition Study (n = 2,641). Baseline serum 25(OH)D was measured in 1998-1999, and physical performance and strength were measured at baseline and at 2- and 4-year follow-up. Piecewise regression models were used to determine 25(OH)D thresholds. Linear regression and mixed models were used to examine cross-sectional and longitudinal associations.

The 25(OH)D thresholds were 70-80 nmol/L for physical performance and 55-70 nmol/L for strength.

Participants with 25(OH)D <50 nmol/L had poorer physical performance at baseline and at 2- and 4-year follow-up
than participants with 25(OH)D ?75 nmol/L (P < 0.01).

Although physical performance and strength declined over 4 years of follow-up (P < 0.0001), in general, the rate of decline was not associated with baseline 25(OH)D. Older adults with low 25(OH)D concentrations had poorer physical performance over 4 years of follow-up, but low 25(OH)D concentrations were not associated with a faster rate of decline in physical performance or strength.

PMID: 23118104
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Comment by VitaminDWiki

  • Seniors with <20 nanograms of vitamin D initially had poorer physical performance
  • Physical performance decreased at year 2 and at year 4
  • The study only measured vitamin D at the start.
    Probably the vitamin D levels decreased along with physical performance at 2 year and 4 year

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