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Overweight elderly respond well to 3600 IU Vitamin D daily for a year – RCT May 2021

Vitamin D3 Dose Requirement that Raises 25-Hydroxyvitamin D to Desirable Level in Overweight and Obese Elderly

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, https://doi.org/10.1210/clinem/dgab296
Dania S Bacha, Maya Rahme, Laila Al-Shaar, Rafic Baddoura, Georges Halaby, Ravinder J Singh, Ziyad R Mahfoud, Robert Habib, Asma Arabi, Ghada El-Hajj Fuleihan
72% of obese seniors got >30 ng after 12 months of daily 3750 IU Vitamin D + Calcium


Note: Some vitamin D levels DECREASED


Obese need larger doses of vitamin D than non-obese
Seniors need larger doses of Vitamin D than those who are younger ( less absorption thru gut)
Obese seniors need larger doses of Vitamin D than just obese or just seniors

Items in both categories Obese + Intervention are listed here:

Overview Obesity and Vitamin D contains the following summary


  • Normal weight     Obese     (50 ng = 125 nanomole)

Obesity is associated with low Vitamin D (and treated by D as well) – Aug 2019 has the following
Fast weight loss by Obese Adults: Summary of the data as of Sept 2019
1) 50,000 IU Vitamin D weekly for at least 6 months
   If gut problems, should use a gut-friendly form of vitamin D
2) Add calorie restriction diet and light exercise after ~2 months*
   * Vitamin D levels must be above 30ng/ml to help with weight loss
   * Start losing weight 2 months sooner if take a 50,000 IU daily for a week
3) More weight loss if also add Magnesium or cofactors
   30% Improved Vitamin D response with Magnesium - a Vitamin D Cofactor
   Note: Magnesium reduces weight loss by itself as well
   20% improved vitamin D response if also add Omega-3 a Vitamin D Cofactor
  Note: Omega-3 reduces weight loss by itself as well
4) More weight loss if also improve activation of Vitamin D Receptor
   Vitamin D Receptor activator: 0-30% improved Vitamin D response
   Obesity 1.5 X more likely if poor Vitamin D Receptor – meta-analysis Nov 2019
Update Dec 2019 - Dr. Greger plant-based eating (not diet) for both weight loss and health.
  His book does not mention Vitamin D nor Adenovirus

 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki

To investigate the impact of two vitamin D doses, bracketed between the IOM recommended dietary allowance (RDA) and the upper tolerable limit, on vitamin D nutritional status in elderly individuals.

This is a post-hoc analysis on data collected from a 12-month, double-blinded, randomized control trial. 221 ambulatory participants (≥ 65 years), with a mean BMI of 30.2 kg/m 2, and a mean baseline serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] level of 20.4 ± 7.4 ng/ml, were recruited from 3 out-patient centers in Lebanon. They all received 1,000 mg of elemental calcium from calcium citrate daily, and the daily equivalent of 600 IU or 3,750 IU, of vitamin D3.

Mean 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] level at 12 months was 26.0 ng/ml with low dose and 36.0 ng/ml with high dose, of vitamin D3. The proportion of participants reaching a value ≥ 20 ng/ml was 86% in the low dose, and 99% in the high-dose arms, with no differences between genders. The increment of 25(OH)D per 100 IU/day was 1ng/ml with the low dose, and 0.41 ng/ml with the high dose. Serum 25 (OH)D levels at 1 year were highly variable in both treatment arms. Baseline 25(OH)D level and vitamin D dose, but not age, BMI, gender, nor season, were significant predictors of serum 25(OH)D level post-intervention.

The IOM RDA of 600 IU/day does not bring 97.5% of ambulatory elderly individuals above the desirable threshold of 20 ng/ml. Country-specific RDAs are best derived taking into account the observed variability and predictors of achieved 25(OH)D levels.

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