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Osteoporosis Risk varies with Vitamin D Receptor – meta-analysis July 2020

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Association Between Vitamin D Receptor BsmI, FokI, and Cdx2 Polymorphisms and Osteoporosis Risk: An Updated Meta-Analysis

Biosci Rep. 2020 Jul 6;BSR20201200. doi: 10.1042/BSR20201200
Bin Chen 1, Wang-Fa Zhu 1, Yi-Yang Mu 1, Biao Liu 1, Hong-Zhuo Li 2, Xiao-Feng He 3

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Background: Many studies have reported the association between vitamin D receptor (VDR) polymorphism and osteoporosis risk. However, their results were conflicting. Six previous meta-analyses have been published to analyze VDR BsmI, FokI, and Cdx2 polymorphisms on osteoporosis risk. However, they did not evaluate the reliability of statistically significant associations. Furthermore, a lot of new articles have been published on these themes, and therefore an updated meta-analysis was performed to further explore these issues.

Objectives: To explore the association between VDR BsmI, FokI, and Cdx2 polymorphisms polymorphisms and osteoporosis risk.

Methods: The odds ratios (ORs) and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) were pooled to evaluate the association between VDR BsmI, FokI, and Cdx2 polymorphisms and osteoporosis risk. To evaluate the credibility of statistically significant associations, we applied the false-positive report probabilities (FPRP) test and the Venice criteria.

Results: Overall, statistically significantly increased osteoporosis risk was found in Indians and women for VDR FokI polymorphism. Statistically significantly decreased osteoporosis risk was found in West Asians for VDR BsmI polymorphism. However, when we performed an sensitivity analysis after excluding low quality and HWD studies, significantly decreased osteoporosis risk was only found in overall population for VDR BsmI polymorphism.

Further, less-credible positive results were identified when we evaluated the credibility of positive results.</p> Conclusion: These positive findings should be interpreted with caution and indicate that significant association may most likely result from less-credible, rather than from true associations or biological factors on the VDR BsmI and FokI polymorphisms with osteoporosis risk.

The association between vitamin D receptor FokI gene polymorphism and osteoporosis in postmenopausal women: a meta-analysis

Climacteric https://doi.org/10.1080/13697137.2020.1775806
S. WangORCID Icon,Z. Ai,M. Song,P. Yan,J. Li &S. Wang
Received 30 Aug 2019, Accepted 22 May 2020, Published online: 18 Jun 2020

Objective: This study aimed to quantitatively summarize the evidence for vitamin D receptor (VDR) FokI gene polymorphism and osteoporosis risk in Caucasian and Asian postmenopausal women.

Materials and methods: The PubMed, EMBASE, Weipu, CNKI, and Wanfang databases were searched for eligible studies. Case–control studies containing available genotype frequencies for F/f were chosen, and the odds ratio (OR) with 95% confidence interval (CI) was used to assess the strength of this association.

Results: In total, 3349 osteoporosis cases and 3202 controls were identified in our meta-analysis. In the stratified analysis, a significant association was observed between VDR FokI gene polymorphism and postmenopausal osteoporosis susceptibility in Asian subjects (

  • additive model: OR = 1.529, 95% CI 1.053–2.219, p = 0.026;
  • dominant model: OR 2.711, 95% CI 1.693–4.342 p < 0.001;
  • co-dominant model: ff vs. FF, OR 2.796, 95% CI 1.439–5.433 p = 0.002),

and we failed to find any significant relationship in Caucasian populations.

Conclusion: The present meta-analysis suggests that the VDR FokI genotype is associated with increased risk of osteoporosis in Asian women but not in Caucasian women. To draw comprehensive and true conclusions, further prospective studies with larger numbers of participants worldwide are needed to examine associations between VDR FokI polymorphism and osteoporosis.

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