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Off topic: Earthing to improve health (bare skin grounded to the earth)

I have heard about Earthing for years, but had not followed up on it.
Mercola reminded me of it Feb 2016


Amazon sells grounding mats for $20- $30

In Earthing #1 study people slept on conductive mats
The people did not know if the conductive mats were grounded or not
Impressive results

Earthing #1 was referenced by only 18 other papers in Google Scholar

5 Earthing studies are attached at the bottom of this page

Comment by Rich B
"I feel there is a strong connection between vitamin D and earthing, in that both provided important health benefits to our distant ancestors for millions of years. And both are now lacking in modern society, setting the stage for a long list of chronic disease, in my humble opinion."
see also VitaminDWiki Vitamin D – millions of years more ancient than Calcium – Jan 2016

Update June 2019: Earthing studies - many of which are placebo controlled

  • EARTHING at Grounded.com
  • The effects of grounding (earthing) on inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases - 2015

Earthing experience by a person who has MS AND treats people with MS - June 2019

Personalized Vitamin D3 For MS With Michael Cawley, Facebook:
"Greetings from Sunny Mallorca! Three weeks ago I read Clint Obers book on the medical benefits of free electrons from the Earth via grounding. What grabbed my interest was the amount of people with auto immune diseases reporting a sustained reduction of symptoms from daily grounding. I bought a Clint Ober bed mat and brought it with me to Spain. After about 10 days I noticed my energy and sense of vitality had improved. I love to walk in the hills here but since a relapse 3 years ago my legs prefer not to walk for more than 2 hours. This year on the 2 hour walks my legs felt like normal and I decided to do a walk I thought I would never do again. It is a 5 hour walk with a 400 meter elevation which is intense. I set off at 9 am and enjoyed a peaceful wander in the hills. My legs and energy were perfect and I felt like I had a new body.
I was grounded (verified) by socket tester for 9 hours a night and two hours a day with bare feet on soil for 12 days before this walk.
When I reduce my grounding to 9 hours a day I notice my vitality and robustness decline. The benefits from Earthing are dose dependent, after 15 years of clinical observation Clint Ober says the more the better ( with the exception of Lyme disease). I recommend everyone to read Clint Ober’s Earthing book and study carefully the wide range of scientific studies that have been performed regarding earthings benefits.

  • 1) Reduces stress hormones. Calming effect.
  • 2) Positively effects Autonomic nervous system.
  • 3) Improves the viscosity of blood. Reduces risk of blood clots.
  • 4) Reduces elevated blood pressure.
  • 5 ) Reduces inflammation and chronic pain.
  • 6) Increases the bodies ability to cope with severe physical exertion and overwork.
  • 7) Promotes better sleep and eases chronic digestive issues.

I am still on vacation but will post more upon my return. Wishing everyone a peaceful day ! Michael".

Grounding: The Missing Element to Healing Autoimmunity? GreenMedInfo Dec 2017

Extensive set of scientific references

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