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Multiple Sclerosis and Vitamin D ~ 50,000 Facebook members in 13 languages – Jan 2017

It appears that 50,000 people are interested in High Vitamin D dosing – which has virtually cured Multiple Sclerosis in over 1,000 people, and may cure many Autoimmune and other diseases as well

  • The protocol has been developed by Dr. Coimbra since the year 2002 under the observance of the clause #37 of Helsinki declaration (World Medical Association – WMA, 2013) ; a version of the protocol (still under development) was released to the internet in early 2016;
  • His protocol uses very high dose Vitamin D (usually 40,000 – 320,000 IU daily) to suppress disease activity in Multiple Sclerosis and other auto immune diseases in about 90% of the patients;
  • The protocol requires concomitant administration of riboflavin (vitamin B2) and magnesium necessary for vitamin D activation;
  • The protocol does not "cure" autoimmune diseases (as some enthusiastic patients living a normal life have suggested in the internet); therefore, the disease is actually "switched off" and, to date, the patients are required to sustain the treatment indefinitely to remain free of its manifestations;
  • Instead of aiming at a specific Vitamin D serum level, the protocol uses other laboratory changes (in response to a initial testing daily dose of vitamin D) to ultimately achieve a daily dose that specifically compensates for the individual grade of (genetically determined and/or age-related) resistance to vitamin D that has been consistently found in patients with autoimmune diseases;
    • emotional stress (particularly when long-lasting), very hot baths, smoking, frequent alcohol drinking (particularly distilled beverages), and recurrent infections (most often urinary tract infections related to neurogenic bladder in MS patients) consistently counteract the benefits of the protocol;
    • particularly chronically negative mood states (irritability, fear, depression, etc) are associated with progressive types of MS (and other therapy-resistant autoimmune manifestations); these sustained mood states cause organic phenomena (magnesium spoiling, release of immune-active substances into the circulation, chronic inflammation of the central nervous system) that decisively counteract the immune-regulatory effect of high-dose vitamin D therapy;
  • People are strongly advised to have their doctor manage the protocol (which requires proper evaluation of individual laboratory and clinical data); a list of trained physicians from several countries is available in the internet;
  • The protocol describes what to watch out for. People must drink lots of water and minimize their intake of calcium in any form. Other preventive measures are described to avoid side-effects.

   (The text above was written by Dr. Coimbra)
Protocol update Jan 2017 - added 200-300 ng of Magnesium element in the form for Magnesium Chloride

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Ana Claudia Domene Ortiz - Facebook
Hi everybody, last week Dr. Coimbra gave an interview to a Brazilian health site (it's only in Portuguese and you have to be a member of the site to access their interviews) and he said something interesting that I want to share with you. He said that they are increasing their prescribed dose of magnesium because patients on high doses of vitamin D might benefit from higher doses of magnesium, and that this might help to prevent bone loss. I talked to some patients that have seen him in the last few days, and what Dr. Coimbra and the doctors on his clinic are prescribing for now is magnesium chloride in addition to the magnesium already in the compound. The doses vary between 1,500 - 3,000 mg a day of magnesium chloride (which contain around 200 - 300 mg of elemental magnesium). He said they are still investigating the amount we might need, so the doses might increase with time.
Also, he told one of his patients that when we get stressed we use more magnesium, so this might help with controlling anxiety and stress as well.
P.S. In the comments I'll put a link to the magnesium chloride I use. It has 100 mg of elemental magnesium in each full dropper.

Facebook pages on Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis (original list)

From list on Google Drives not online July 2021








Western Balkan countries, Croatia and Slovenia 7,000 members at end of March 2017






Russian added Feb 2017

Some Facebook pages on just Vitamin D


It appears that MSers have a choice:

1) Believe their regular doctor, take little or no Vitamin D, and pay up to $5,000 a month to keep their MS in check
2) Consider a high vitamin D protocol and pay perhaps $100 a month to become symptom-free

Multiple Sclerosis in VitaminDWiki (read in 102 languages)

See also in VitaminDWiki (in 102 languages)

Perspective: Perhaps 10 % of all MSers in those countries are members

   50,000 on Facebook looking at high dose Vitamin D
   2.5 million have MS around the world
    Guess that 10% all MSers (250,000) live in the above countries
    Guess that of the 50,000 only 25,000 are unique individuals with MS
    So, 25,000 / 250,000 = 10%

I am D-lighted that so many poeple are considering high-dose vitamin D

Observations/guesses by founder of VitaminDWiki - Aug 2018

  • I guess now there are >100,000 members in >13 languages
  • I guess about 500 Facebook messages daily in those groups
  • While some Facebook members are (patiently?) waiting to have an affiliated doctor near them do the prescribing, it appears that many are not waiting.
  • I guess 5,000 people are following the very detailed protocol (in 13 languages) themselves, are getting their own blood draws, and are making the necessary changes to their Vitamin D and cofactors.
  • Coimbra Protocol Doctors in Germany

As of Aug 2018


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Multiple Sclerosis and Vitamin D ~ 50,000 Facebook members in 13 languages – Jan 2017        
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