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More Cancer, less Solar Radiation - 1941

The 1941 paper on Solar Radiation and Cancer references a 1912 paper on the same subject

  • Lots of people were on the farm
  • There was no air conditioning, TV, video games, internet to keep you indoors. even if you lived in cities

Here are a few of the images

Cancer vs percent of agriculture in the state

lots of the population was on the farm back then

Cancer and latitude

Note: the data is not sorted by latitude

However, Skin Cancer increased with solar radiation


PDF is attached at the bottom of this page

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Less Sun Less D Less Health

Note how MS has increased in the South as there were fewer farmers and everyone could avoid the sun
Shows decrease of association of MS with latitude during 2oth century wars - probably due to people in the South being able to be indoors due to air conditioning

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