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Military gave Vitamin D but only 40% got above 30 ng, no benefit was noticed for the entire group – RCT July 2024

High dose vitamin D supplementation decreases the risk of deficiency in male conscripts, but has no effect on physical performance-A randomized study

J Exp Orthop 2024 May 1;11(3):e12023. doi: 10.1002/jeo2.12023. eCollection 2024 Jul.
Leho Rips 1 2 3, Alar Toom 4, Rein Kuik 1, Ahti Varblane 3, Hanno Mölder 5, Ragnar Kibur 5, Marika Laidvere 5 6, Mart Kull 7, Jüri-Toomas Kartus 1 2 8, Helena Gapeyeva 9, Madis Rahu 1 2

Purpose: Physical load during military training might increase the need for vitamin D; therefore, supplementation could be beneficial for 25(OH)D serum levels and physical performance.

Methods: One hundred and twelve male conscripts were randomized into two vitamin D oil capsule supplementation groups: 55 participants in the 600 IU group and 57 in the 4000 IU group with a follow-up period from July 2021 to May 2022. Physical fitness tests were performed in July, October and May. Hand grip strength tests were performed in July, October and January. Blood serum (25(OH)D), parathyroid hormone PTH), calcium and ionized calcium (i-Ca) values were measured in July, October, January and May.

Results: The 600 IU group had a lower (p < 0.001) value of 25(OH)D at all time points compared to the 4000 IU group, except at baseline. None of the subjects in the 600 IU group reached sufficient levels of 75 nmol/L of 25(OH)D in January and May. In May, 60% of participants in the 600 IU group and 30% in the 4000 IU group had 25(OH)D levels under 50 nmol/L. No significant differences in PTH or i-Ca values were found between the study groups at any time point. No significant differences at any time point were found in the physical fitness test or hand grip strength test between the groups.

Conclusion: A 10-month vitamin D supplementation with 4000 IU decreased the incidence of vitamin D deficiency (<75 nmol/L) in young, male army conscripts during wintertime, but no differences in physical performance were found compared to 600 IU supplementation.
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VitaminDWiki - 4,000 IU of Vitamin D - many pages

VitaminDWiki - A table shows that about 40% get >30 ng at 4,000 IU

Dose/response from 36 studies
Dose Response Dec 2015 (VDW# 7156)
solid line = mean response (50% above, 50% below)
Lower dashed line = 97.5% will have achieved the level
Note: Would need to give 7,000 IU of Vitamin D daily to get 97% of participants >30 ng

VitaminDwiki – Overview Muscles and Vitamin D contains

To build muscles you need more than just Vitamin D
   also need Exercise, Protein, Magnesium, Omega-3, and activated Vitamin D Receptors
     In fact, Vitamin D monotherapy sometimes DECREASES muscles.

Notes on Vitamin D Receptor:
Vitamin D Receptors get vitamin D in the blood to the muscle cells
Approximately 20% of people have poor vitamin D receptors
As people age, their Vitamin D receptors also become less activated
There are 12+ low-cost activators for the Vitamin D Receptor
138+ VitaminDWiki pages have MUSCLE in the title
Dr. Greger on Vitamin D and Muscles - May 2020
Vitamin D Supplements for Increasing Aging Muscle Strength

  • "We have known for more than 400 years that muscle weakness is a common presenting symptom of vitamin D deficiency"
  • conservative "U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, the official prevention guideline setting body, and the American Geriatric Society to “recommend vitamin D supplementation for persons who are at high risk of falls.”
  • AGS recommends 4,000 IU to capture 92 percent of the population"

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