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Microplastics consumption - credit card's worth (5g) per week – June 2019

Study: people could be eating a credit card's worth of microplastics per week BoingBoing


Chart does not yet show microplastics decreasing Vitamin D Levels

 Download the Report from VitaminDWiki

94% of US water contains microplastics



How Plastics Can Affect Your Love Life Dr. Greger Dec 2018
"Women working in automotive plastics and food canning are at five times the odds of breast cancer," Free PDF online

Rainfall in the Rocky Mountains contains microplastics - 2019

It's raining plastic in the Rockies Mother Nature Network

  • "A study from scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey has found that 90 percent of rainwater samples from eight different locations along the Rockies contained plastics."

Microplastics in Mosquitoes - Sept 2018

Microplastics are getting into mosquitoes and contaminating new food chains
In the lab they fed larva microplastics. "Plastics were retained as the mosquitoes went through different life stages"
Mosquitoes are eaten by birds and fish

Unable to find anything about microplastics in vegetables as of June 2019 = no data

Purchased Zero Water countertop water filter - Nov 2019

many different sizes, all models include a small meter to test to amount of dissolved solids
Removes 99% of microplastics and 100% of Glyphosate, Fluoride, etc.
Amazon $29, 3,000 reviews - also WalMart, Home Depot, etc.
Great 2019 review compared many filters - taste, quality, ergonomics, etc found Zero to be best
Removes beneficial Magnesium ions from the water (10 mg/liter)- but I take daily Magnesium supplements anyway (400 mg/day)
It is not practical in areas with hard water (there is a US harness map at their website)
   the filter stops at 18 grams - will not last a month if there is hard water
Uses some of the chemicals used in RO systems
you can recycle 2 filters for $10 - but you pay the postage
Got it - tastes great!

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