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Members of US Olympics Team will be Zika guinea pigs – July 2016

National Institute of Health Funded Study July 5, 2016

The $302,000 study will track 1,000 members of the US Olympics team.   Description of the study
Study may report on such things as:

  • How many become infected
  • How long the infection lasts in urine, semen, etc.
  • How many of the infections result in birth defects
  • Which types of birth defects: microcephaly, blind, poor muscle tone, etc.

No attempt, of course, at preventing the Zika bites.
The study will just report.

Note: indoor athletes have much lower vitamin D levels than outdoor athletes.
VitaminDWiki hypothesis is that people with lower levels of vitamin D are more likely to become symptomatic if infected with Zika
Prediction - there will be more indoor than outdoor infected athletes
Examples: badmitton, basketball, gymnastics, fencing, handball, judo, table tennis, wrestling,

See also VitaminDWiki

Note: I am guessing that 20% - 30% of the Olympic athletes are now taking vitamin D