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Medicare kicks-back 6 percent of price of an administered drug to physicians, perhaps 6 billion dollars annually for Aduhelm (Alzheimer’s) drugs

I had wondered why the FDA approved the Alz. drug while NONE of the FDA neurology advisors voted for it
     (3 advisors resigned in protest later that week).

Follow the money
Cost of drug that might slow the progression of Alzheimer's in an individual by 20% = $56,000/year
Assume that 1/3 of Alzheimer’s of the 6 million patients get the drug (2 million)
Cost of the drug to Medicare for 2 million people = $112 Billion
Kickbacks to doctors administering the drug = $6.7 Billion

1) When that person at the FDA retires he will go to work for the drug company/AMA with a salary of over $2 million a year
2) UD Alzheimer doctors in the future may get more income than Chemo doctors

VitaminDWiki predicted that by 2024 Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients will start to be treated by Vitamin D, Omega-3, etc – The dose size to be adjusted on an individual basis as has been the case for Multiple Sclerosis

Article which got me interested: The Drug That Could Break American Health Care The Atlantic


    • US govt ==>lobbyist ==> Monsanto VP ==> FDA see wikipedia

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