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Low-cost Vitamin D testers (two yes-no tests for 42 dollars) - 2023

Update 2023: Two at-home tests for $42 - Amazon UK

Even lower cost if you have a Amazon Prime account in the UK


Summary: Less accurate, but far less expensive and much faster
200 quantitive testers $2,000 ( in packs of 25)
Single readout device (in nmol or ng/mL. made by CUE) costs $600
10 minute time delay to get test results
   You can run several tests concurrently
Approximately 12% accuracy (example: within 5 ng of 40 ng)
   "correlation coefficient of 93.5% in comparison to LCMS assay"
   Vitamin D tests costing 4X-10X as much have accuracies of about 5%
Have not been informed about FDA approval for use in the US
Less expensive and much faster (10 minute Point of care test)



 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki

Nanospeed in Canada started making Vitamin D testers with Yes/No capability
Yes/No of > 30-36 ng
Their original device can be used at home – no readout device necessary
They have sold > 1,000,000 of those testers as of 2018
For more information, contact Seema Gupta at seema@nanospeed.ca

See also VitaminDWiki

Note: A blood test does NOT indicate the amount of Vitamin D actually getting to the cells

Short URL -https://is.gd/FastVitDtest

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