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  • Injections are currently made by medical professionals into muscle
  • Home injection of Vitamin D appears to be possible in the future
  • Injections are useful for people who might forget to take their periodic supplement (children, elderly, etc) and those who cannot swallow or have poor digestion
  • While Vitamin D2 is historically the common form, Vitamin D3 is far better
  • Should check (if there is time) for possible allergic reaction to Vitamin D or lack of Magnesium for both for loading dose and injection
  • Note 600,000 IU Vitamin D loading dose via capsules is 1/20th the cost($2.40) of an injection, and does not require a prescription
  • 100,000 IU single dose of vitamin D - 2010 has the following
  • Vitamin D injection lasts longer and has bigger response than weekly oral – Jan 2017 has the following

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Learn how Vitamin D is essential for good health
  Watch a 5 minute video "Does Less Sun Mean more Disease?"
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If you have a disease associated with low Vit D take Vit D
Raising your Vit D levels will substantially prevent other low-Vit D health problems
Often your specific health problem will also be treated

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8127 Vitamin D injection lasts longer and has bigger response than weekly oral – Jan 2017 26845
19 Jan, 2018 13:23
admin Forms of Vitamin D
Loading dose for Vitamin D
8288 Injection 21671
27 May, 2018 14:11
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173 Megadose injection of up to 600,000 IU vitamin D3 every three months for adolescents - April 2010 17869
10 Mar, 2017 00:23
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Toxicity of Vitamin D
Loading dose for Vitamin D
4559 Review of Vitamin D (including free, frequency, injection, how much.) – Sept 2013 11618
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How, when to take Vit. D
4757 Reduced depression with single 300,000 IU injection of vitamin D – RCT June 2013 9744
18 Sep, 2017 17:15
admin Depression
Top news
1186 300000 IU injection of vitamin D3 – Mar 2010 9739
10 Mar, 2017 00:26
admin Loading dose for Vitamin D
2070 300,000 IU loading dose of vitamin D3 stopped gestational diabetes in RCT – Oct 2011 7468
10 Mar, 2017 00:38
admin Pregnancy
Loading dose for Vitamin D
301 600,000 IU intramuscular D3 helped BMD after pancreatic surgery – June 2010 6265
10 Mar, 2017 00:40
admin Cancer - Pancreatic
Technical D
Trauma and surgery
Loading dose for Vitamin D
6833 Warts eliminated by vitamin D injections 6039
01 May, 2019 12:23
admin Intervention
8345 Warts (due to HPV) removed by vitamin D injection, with 90 percent success – April 2017 5777
10 Jan, 2019 14:43
admin Skin

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