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Increased probability of chest aorta aneurisms with low vitamin D – Nov 2012

The relationship between vitamin D deficiency and thoracic aortic dilatation.

Vasa. 2012 Nov;41(6):419-24. doi: 10.1024/0301-15626/a000219.
Demir M, Uyan U, Melek M.
Department of Cardiology, Bursa Yüksek ?htisas Education and Research Hospital, Bursa, Turkey.

Background: Vitamin D deficiency can play a role in cardiovascular conditions, such as coronary artery disease, heart failure and hypertension. Vitamin D deficiency can activate the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, which in turn affects the cardiovascular system. Thus, a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and thoracic aortic dilatation (TAD) and aneurysm could be postulated.

In this study, we compared 25-OH vitamin D levels between TAD and control groups. Patients and methods: This study included 87 patients with TAD who were 40 - 70 years old. The control group consisted of 93 patients who were 40 - 70 years old and did not have TAD.

A transthoracic echocardiography was performed on each patient. Along with routine tests, the 25-OH vitamin D and parathormone (PTH) levels were analyzed.

Results: No statistically significant difference was found between the two groups regarding their basic characteristics.

The average PTH level of the TAD group was higher than that of the control group (94.87 ± 44.96 and 66.39 ± 30.58 pg/ml, respectively; p < 0.001).

The average 25-OH vitamin D level of the TAD group was lower than that of the control group (11.89 ± 7.54 and 15.98 ± 4.98 ng/ml, respectively; p = 0.001). The initial conventional echocardiographic parameters of both groups were comparable. Logistic regression analysis revealed that the PTH and 25-OH vitamin D levels were independent predictors of TAD.

Conclusions: Vitamin D deficiency was found as an independent factor associated with TAD.

PMID: 23129037
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