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Hypothesis – China air conditioning disease is the result of less vitamin D – March 2011

Hypothesis: People living in sunny climates who can afford air conditioning get less vitamin D

“Air Conditioning Disease”?

By Dr. Richard Saint Cyr, on August 15th, 2010

Boy, was this summer a scorcher. Even as I write this, hundreds of people in Russia are still dying from heat stroke and the peat-fire pollution. Here in China, with the temperatures raging a couple weeks ago, most newspapers were filled with health advice stories. Discussing how to avoid heat stroke, of course? Uh, not really — many talked about that uniquely Chinese malady, “air conditioning disease“.

Needless to say, air conditioning disease is not a Western, allopathic medicine diagnosis. There is no ICD-10 billing code for this. But here in China, everyone I talk with is completely convinced that many summer colds and illnesses are caused by air conditioning, or at least inappropriate use of it. It’s deeply ingrained with traditional Chinese medicine views of hot and cold winds bearing disease. And my TCM book mentions, “attack by cold and wind in summer will cause headache; fever; no sweating; aversion to cold; pain of limbs; abdominal pain; vomiting and diarrhea.” But is there any actual data out there that air conditioning use causes infections or disease?

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Notice that one of the reasons for spending less time outdoors is the availability of Air Conditioning

Less Sun Less D Less Health
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MS increased in the Southern portion of the US during the 20th century as AC became available

Shows decrease of association of MS with latitude during 2oth century wars - probably due to people in the South being able to be indoors due to air conditioning

Very fast rise in urban Chinese Air Conditioners - more than 1 per household in 2010


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