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Gut Microbiome is important during pregnancy – Dec 2014

How to Build a Healthy Microbiome, Before, During, and After Birth Kelly Brogan, MD, Mercola

With 3 minute video

  • Adding to a long list of “oops!” in the history of medicine, it was long-held that the womb was a sterile environment.
  • Home birthing 99 % in 1920 ==> 99% in hospital by 1950
  • Breast milk contains immune factors, bacteria, and over 200 unique oligosaccharides, designed to nourish gut bacteria (not in formula)
  • (Note: early breast milk (colostrum) contains 3X as much vitamin D as true breast milk)

Her webpage Kellybroganmd.com
Includes Speculation of association between autism and use of birth control pill

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