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Fructose altered hundreds of brain genes (in rats) unless also take Omega-3 – April 2016

Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to a wide range of diseases

Science Daily April 2016 reporting on a study which is on this page
Scientists report that diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reverse the damage


  • “A range of diseases — from diabetes to cardiovascular disease, and from Alzheimer's disease to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — are linked to changes to genes in the brain. A new study by UCLA life scientists has found that hundreds of those genes can be damaged by fructose, a sugar that's common in the Western diet, in a way that could lead to those diseases”

Rats trained to escape from maze, then drank 1 of 3 liquids for 6 weeks

  1. Water
  2. Water + fructose (equiv to 1 liter of soda/day)
  3. Water+ fructose + Omega-3
  • The animals that had been given only the fructose navigated the maze about half as fast than the rats that drank only water — indicating that the fructose diet had impaired their memory. The rats that had been given fructose and DHA, however, showed very similar results to those that only drank water — which strongly suggests that the DHA eliminated fructose's harmful effects.

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