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Flu may be much worse this year (already bad in Australia) - July 2022

Why Australia’s record flu surge is a bleak omen for the NHS

the Telegraph July 11 2022


  • "Typically, seasonal flu arrives in Australia in mid-July and cases peak in early-September. But the country has been hit by a sharp and early explosion of infections over the last two months, a sign that the long-feared, post-pandemic flu revival has arrived."

"In the week leading up to June 2022, when the latest data is available, 27,000 cases were reported - roughly 10 times higher than the five-year average, which includes the pandemic period"

  • "“And that’s on top of the ongoing pandemic. [We’re] seeing a very high new BA.5-driven [wave of] cases in Australia,” he added. “It’s not only Sars-CoV-2 and flu either - there have been very high levels of RSV, rhinoviruses, adenoviruses etc. all at once.”"
    • Note by VitaminDWiki: All 5 can be treated by Vitamin D

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