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Ex Coimbra Protocol Clinician Warns Vitamin D3 Can Sometimes Make Multiple Sclerosis Worse. - July 2019

Personalized Vitamin D3 Fights Multiple Sclerosis - Michael Cawley July 2019

In 2015 Cambridge University scientists discovered that myelin cannot repair itself without a healthy daily supply of vitamin D3. Long term studies reveal that MS patients who receive a healthy daily dose of Vitamin D3 suffer significantly less disability and have MRI's scans with fewer lesions when compared with MS patients with low blood levels of Vitamin D3. Now for the first time, thousands of MS patients are halting and reversing their disease with high doses of vitamin D3 and magnesium.

The Chemistry of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 manufactured from sunlight exposure or ingested in supplements is inactive until converted in the kidneys, bones and liver to 'activated' vitamin D3. Only activated vitamin D3 reverses damage to myelin and suppresses auto immune activity. Inactive Vitamin D3 is of no medical value.

Vitamin D3 Can Make MS Much Better or Much Worse

Each patient has a different level of vitamin D they are capable of converting. When the body is given more vitamin D3 then it is capable of converting a severe worsening of symptoms can occur. If you ever experience a dramatic worsening of symptoms after starting vitamin D3 always reduce the dose or you may trigger a disabling event. Vitamin D3 at too high a dose or in the wrong oil or form is capable of making multiple sclerosis much more disabling. In the Coimbra Protocol, there is a theory which states that people starting high doses of Vitamin D3 can feel terrible at the start but that after some months all will become good. In my work I have found the opposite to be true, if MS patients have an immediate negative reaction to vitamin D3 and they ignore it, there symptoms over the following weeks can become catastrophically worse. Please visit the Coimbra Facebook groups and www.coimbraprotocol.com and as of August 4th 2019 , you will find no mention of MS patients becoming more seriously disabled from high doses of Vitamin D3.

Over the last 4 years of work with MS cases I have noted that much lower doses of Vitamin D3 then those insisted upon by the Coimbra Protocol can have life saving effects.

Even 16,000 - 20,000 iu of vitamin D3 per day with an adequate supply of medical grade magnesium can transform MS patients. Vitamin D3 only becomes clinically significant to MS patients at 10,000 iu per day. It is not uncommon for MS patients to feel amazing and enjoy better neurological function on 30,000 - 40,000 iu of Vitamin D3 per day and become worse on 50,000 iu.

How To Choose A Vitamin D3 Supplement To Fight MS

A lot of debate, has surrounded the different responses people have to various brands of vitamin D3. For the last decade i was convinced the brand of vitamin D3 was important due to the quality of vitamin D3 it contained. However based on my own research I now believe the oil the Vitamin D3 is added to is of major significance to patients.

Vitamin D3 supplements are in an oil of one form or another. Manufacturer's mainly use olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, soya oil, maltodextrin -corn oil and medium chain triglycerides.

Based on my clinical observations with MS patients I am now convinced the oil which is added to the Vitamin D3 can potentially totally change the extent to which a patient improves or not. Some people are biologically pre disposed to metabolize vitamin D3 in certain oils only.

My advice to MS patients now is as follows

There are two brands of Vitamin D3 that help more people with MS than any other. Life Extension Vitamin D3 drops (without mint) in a medium chain triglyceride and Healthy Origins Vitamin D3 in olive oil.

When testing a new Vitamin D3 for the first time e.g Healthy Origins Vitamin D3, always test a 20,000 iu dose. If this makes you feel ill, switch to 10 drops of Life Extension Vitamin D3. Approximately 70% of MS patients do amazingly well using one or a mix of both of these products.

Vitamin D3 at too high a dose or in an oil that cannot be metabolized is capable of giving you very serious new symptoms or making existing symptoms much worse. When starting to supplement with Vitamin D3, always reduce the dose or stop taking any Vitamin D3 that makes you feel ill.

If both of these supplements fail to help or make you feel worse, move on to Vitamin D3 in sunflower oil (Nu nutrition 10,000 iu), Now Brand Vitamin D3 in extra virgin olive oil, Bio Tech Vitamin D3 or New Beginnings Micellized Vitamin D3. I have seen these Vitamin D3 products deliver excellent results when the two most well -known Vitamin D3 supplements totally failed.

It is possible that 2 or even 3 Vitamin D3's brands may be required in different ratios to greatly improve symptoms in some patients.

Ten per cent of auto immune patients flare upon contact with all brands of Vitamin D3 above 15,000 iu which reverses within 24 hours of ceasing supplementation.
Another 40 % per cent get life changing benefits from a carefully chosen vitamin D3 but only at doses between 18,000 iu and 30,000 iu per day. Over 30,000 iu and their symptoms flare again.

People whose lives are transformed or greatly improved by doses of Vitamin D3 between 14,000 iu and 28,000 iu always ( 90% of cases) notice a huge increase in the amount of vitamin D3 they can take by using heavy metal decontamination products like TRS, Pectasol, Pectaclear, Biofilam or EDTA for 6 months. Moreover, when they are able to take more Vitamin D3 more improvements follow.

When Vitamin D3 is taken without clinically verified Vitamin K2, calcium becomes misplaced in the brain and this can give neurological symptoms that are indistinguishable from MS. In Europe and the USA there are very poor regulations governing the manufacture of Vitamin K2. This results in the market being flooded with K2 supplements that degrade within weeks of manufacture. In India, Vitamin K2 manufacture is regulated in the same way as pharmaceuticals. The Vitamin K2 from India remains stable for several years. Always supplement with 175mcg to 350 mcg of www.menaquinold.com available from www.medikorlabs.com. failure to do so will result in misplaced calcium causing new diseases in your body.

Please do not supplement with more than 10,000 iu per day of vitamin D3 without eliminating milk, cheese and yogurt from your diet or you risk flooding your blood with calcium and which will result in kidney failure.

Disclaimer: These information is for educational purposes only and should never be considered as medical advice.

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Compared blood levels of 25 people with migraines to 25 people without GreenMedInfo

Metal MigraineNo Migraine Migraine Ratio
Cadmium 0.36 ug0.09 ug 4X MORE if increase
Iron0.97 ug0.48 ug2X MORE if increase
Lead1.48 ug0.78 ug 2X MORE if increase
Magnesium10.6 ug34.5 ug 3.5X LESS if increase
Zinc0.24 ug 5.77 ug 24X LESS if increase

Items in both categories MS and Calcium are listed here:

Excess Calcium is a problem, especially if high D or low K

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